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Your Secret Weapon

It doesn’t matter where I turn.

Whenever I speak to someone having massive success, they all say the same thing.

And I see it for myself in my own business.


And I’m not just talking here about being consistent in the things you do in your business either. Being consistent with certain activities can make a massive impact on your relationships and in other areas of your personal life too.

Some of you know that in the early 2000’s I started to became interested in triathlons as a way to extend a challenge to myself in my fitness. It became very addictive and so for a period of about eight years I was very, very heavily involved in competitive triathlons. This meant anything up to 15-20 hours of training per week; every single day going out there and training. Rail, hail or shine. I was either swimming or running or cycling every day, sticking to the plan, doing what was needed to be done for that day. Even if it didn’t feel like it.

And you know, in the beginning it was hard to see the affect the training was having. I’d question whether or not it was really working. But I’d keep going through that plan day after day after day. Then the first race I’d prepared was here. And almost miraculously, I was out there and able to run the race and get the kind of results I wanted. I couldn’t believe I was so totally prepared.

But the key to that was really the consistency in the training. Doing what needed to be done every single day or as often as it needed to be done. Every day making tiny improvements. So small that they were hard to see on their own, but when the cumulative effect began to kick in, the massive improvements showed up.

Exercise has always been a big part of my life. I had a childhood illness that meant I couldn’t exercise as a teenager and when I found myself over 20 kilo’s overweight after my first child, daily exercise became part of my routine (and still is). I’m not one of those sort of people who can’t just eat what I like.

I have to exercise to maintain any kind of reasonable level of healthy lifestyle. So 6 days a week I’m at the gym or out exercising. I’m doing something each and every day. And if I go for a period of time where for three or four days or for a couple of weeks for whatever reason, I’m not putting in that effort, then all of a sudden things get hard. I don’t get the results I want.

And it’s the same in your business.

Consistency is really going to be your secret weapon to you getting the results you want.

I’m sure many of you have seen that little picture where you see a little man and he’s there digging a tunnel with a shovel. And then there’s a brick wall. He’s just about to break through the brick wall to daylight when he decides to turn around and go back because he thinks he’s not getting anywhere close to the daylight.

This is the mistake most people make with the activities they are doing in their business. They start out doing the activities required on a regular basis. Then just as they’re about to have a breakthrough and get to the next level, they stop because they haven’t seen the results of all of their efforts.

You have to have the motivation to keep going. You must have 100% belief that if you put in the effort, you WILL get the results. But you must be consistent. Start and don’t stop. Every day. And just like the body, you will be growing your marketing muscles. Don’t quit just because you’re not there yet.

It’s easy to get discouraged when your booking calendar has big gaps in it. It can be discouraging if you only have a small list or you feel like no one is engaging when you place your post on LinkedIn, write a blog post or do a Facebook live.

There are so many different marketing activities you could be doing this is often part of the problem.
Overwhelm can lead to inconsistency.

Just pick the key activities that you want to do. And be sure you can be consistent in doing those activities day in, day out or as often as they need. Some activities might only need doing once a week or twice a week or three times a week. The mistake most people make is they start doing something and then fall by the way side.

If you’re someone who’s prone to Bright Shiny Object Syndrome or you get distracted easily and find yourself wandering off your path, one of the best things you can do is find a way that helps you stay on track.
That might be having a checklist that you work off every day. It might be having an accountability partner that you check in with on a regular basis. Perhaps having a tracking spreadsheet or a simple project management tool like Trello. You might find a time tracking tool like Toggl handy to keep track of where you’re spending your hours and minutes. You’ll need something that allows you to literally tick off that you’re doing the required activities on a regular daily basis.

It’s no secret that my favourite method of generating new leads is LinkedIn. When I started using LinkedIn a couple of years ago it was the consistency of the daily actions that meant I had a constant flow of appointments into my diary for sales calls. And that’s the exact same process I still use, and teach others now.

It’s these consistent 15 minute daily actions that do the heavy lifting. Not spending hours and hours every day. No way, that would be soul sucking.

When you do the right things every day, you find your authority increases, your influence increases and the leads flow in.

In the early stages of growing my business with LinkedIn I wasn’t doing things the best way. When I was onboarding five or six new clients all at one time, I would stop doing those daily actions that were bringing the sales calls into my diary. I would onboard the clients and then I would sit and go “Oh my gosh! **it, now I need to get some more clients.”

So I would kick start those constant daily actions again. And the minute they gained momentum again, the bookings for sales calls began to flow through again.

So this is the system that we’ve now put in place to be able to help people with.

The important thing I want you to understand today is that it doesn’t matter what strategies you’re using to attract clients into your business. LinkedIn, is fantastic. It’s reliable and predictable.

But if you’re using Instagram, Pinterest, blog posts or You Tube; whatever strategies you’re using, list down your key daily actions and make sure you have consistency around them.

And I guarantee you, if you make a commitment to be consistent for a 90 day period, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in results you’re getting. This will automatically encourage you and confirm your belief, that consistency really is the key.

So leave a comment below and tell me how you apply consistency in your business at the moment. Do you use any tools or strategies? How is consistency working for you? Or is it something that you need to work on? I’d love to get your feedback on that.

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