I’ve Been Wasting Time!

I’ve been wasting time!

I’m told it’s a good thing when you can face reality and take responsibility….

Well, I’m here to admit that I have finally taken responsibility for wasting time.

Like many people who work from home, I am at my desk for many hours each day being ‘busy’.

With the recent arrival of our lovely new grand daughter Molly, I am having lots of time away from my business. So when I’m ‘at work’, I want to be even more productive.

After reading Jason Fladlien’s Double Your Productivity For Life I decided to track how I was spending my day for a couple of weeks.

Then suddenly it hit me…. for far too long now I’ve allowed myself to get into the habit of starting my day by casually flipping through my phone messages, checking email and then social media for what’s going on. I’ve realized that although I’m at my desk by 8.30 or 9.00am, I haven’t begun to be productive till around 10.30am.

What a waste of time!!!

If this sounds like you too then here’s a few things that I’ve been implementing (thanks to Jason’s advice) and they sure do work:

  1. Reconnect with the reason ‘why’ you are building your business. This will spur you on to take action to get the results you’re after, rather   than drifting through day by day.
  2. Find a productivity tool to help you organize your projects and tasks.  Some like a simple piece of paper and a ‘To Do’ list.  Don’t go to bed before you have created a list of the most important tasks that need completing the following day.
    Or, if you’re like me, as your business grows you have many projects all on the go at once and need something a little more robust.
    My fabulous Virtual Assistant Ana put me on to an awesome free tool called ‘Trello’. It’s a tool that will organize anything!   In one glance, know what’s being worked on, who’s working on a particular task and when it’s due. This super simple system has made life so much easier. I just love it.
  3. trello for productivityTrack your time usage for a week or two and see where you are losing momentum and where you seem to be most productive.  Everyone has a different body clock and you may find you are most alert and focused at a time of day you least expect.  When you recognize this time, you can maximise it. Schedule your ‘big’ tasks for your productive times.
  4. If you have created a bad habit (like I had) that is a time sucker, the first step is to be completely aware of it.  Next is to strategically work out a plan to avoid that bad habit. For example, I have set myself up a challenge, sort of like playing a game with myself, to see how many mornings I can get started onto my productive time immediately without even opening up emails or social media at all.  I’ve allocated a certain time slot later in them morning where it’s ok to do that stuff.   I’ll give myself a reward depending on what ‘score’ I achieve.  Seems silly I know, but sometimes you have to really focus and be a bit crazy to get what you want!

The more often I stay with the new habit, the less likely I am to go back to the old.
These days, in my keenness to get out and visit Molly each day I’ve been leaping into my office chair each morning with a fire and vigour to get my daily tasks done like you’ve never seen before.

Regardless of whether you have 40 hours or 4 hours to invest in your business, what is more important is how focused you are with that time. When you are in working mode – work. When you are in freedom mode – enjoy yourself!

I hope this was helpful and Jason has even more great ideas on how to increase your productivity if you need them.


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