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What To Do When Procrastination Hits You

Procrastination will stop you hard in your tracks. Nothing can feel more frustrating than having a big picture vision of WHAT you want to create  within your business, and feeling like you’re stuck in neutral.

Have you ever felt like you were on a hamster wheel going round and round in circles but still getting nowhere?

This is not an uncommon feeling, often referred to as procrastination and can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You’re not sure of exactly who your ideal prospects might be so you keep changing your mind on who you should approach.
  • There seems to be so many new ;pieces of information and skills you need to learn you don’t know where to begin.
  • You know you need to get team help but you’re unsure of what you need help with and where to find that help.
  • Technology is not your area of expertise. You can’t get your reach out as far as you would like without it but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You launched your new business or spoke to people you felt sure would love your product but it didn’t go off with the ‘bang’ you expected, and now you’re feeling deflated and unmotivated
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level…only you’re not sure what the best steps to take are that won’t upset the apple cart with your team or sponsor.
  • You keep hearing, “You’re so good at what you do”…only people are not buying from you.
  • You have a ton of ideas…but they feel jumbled rather than feeling like a clear plan of action

If any of these sound familiar you are perfectly normal! This is just a phase (and yes, like all things, it too, will pass) but you’re also probably closer to a solution than you might think.

My advice? Follow my 3 simple tips to help you find your mojo again. Once you do, you’ll have more clarity, vision and steps to move forward quickly. And you’ll begin to see the income streaming in as a result.

Step#1 Analyse Exactly Where You’re Getting Stuck

When you’re in the midst of feeling stuck, you can become extremely overwhelmed. Everything might seem like its disjointed and you’ve got pieces that need your attention all over the place.

The best thing is to first identify exactly which decisions you need to make, and in what order. Then, you can move forward making these decisions quickly.

Step #2 Follow Thru Until You Reach The End Of Your Focus

Action that you take will always outperform no action taken at all!  I’ve learnt this lesson myself.  A few years ago I launched a new online program which had sat partially created, on my hard drive for just over one full year. Why?  I lost my focus.

Being distracted by new opportunities or self doubt can delay you from creating and building what you really want to share with others.  You must be single minded in your actions and put blinkers on to keep out all other distractions until you reach the end of your focus.

It’s not uncommon for you to start a little self doubt around your value or the value of your product or company, so remember, you can consciously direct your self-talk, using phrases such as, “I can do this” and even “I refuse to give in or give up!

Having a good accountability partner or being part of an active Team or coaching group that expects you to succeed  is also a great strategy to help keep your focus.

Step #3 Don’t Up-Level Until Your Foundation Is Solid

I speak with a lot of people who beat themselves up on the fact they are not as advanced in their business as someone else.  It’s important to recognize that you are where you are – and wherever that is, it’s OK!  Having grand plans, vision and excitement to build your business are all good things to have.  Just don’t let them get in the way of being sure to create solid foundations before you start to up-level.

This doesn’t mean you need to immediately have a team that is 50 people big, or to be doing weekly live presentations yourself,  to successfully build up from wherever you are today. You can still create an extremely successful business by learning some fundamental sales and marketing skills and have systems in place for you to run your business smoothly.

Step #4 Practice Making Decisions Quickly

This is a vital success strategy. Indecision will be one of the biggest reasons for you to feel ‘stuck’ in neutral.

And yet, when building your home business no decision is so major that it cannot be undone or corrected.  If you create a promotional video that is not great – make a new one.   You select an email service that you become unhappy with – move to another one.  You make an offer that no-one takes you up on – make a new one.

See – nothing, absolutely nothing has to be forever in the online world, yet it’s so common for people to let the decision making process halt their momentum.

Change this today!  Make the decision to make quick decisions and notice how much momentum you create.

Step #5 Surround Yourself With Successful People

Get help where you need it!  That’s probably about all I want to say here.

But because you expect me to say more, I will.

Working your own home business can be hard.  Regardless of whether it’s working out what to say to your prospects, your first online team call, there are lots of moving elements to keep track of, and things that need doing that are most likely outside of your expertise.  It’s OK to ask for help.

Caution here:  Don’t take advice from people who have not completed your ultimate goal.  I see this all the time.  The help you need might be someone to help you clarify who are the best prospects and customers for your product or service.  It could be tech support or someone to keep you accountable to implement your launch and growth plan.

Every day you don’t move your business forward is money you’re leaving on the table.  So I’ll say it again – get help where you need it, and from the right people.

Here’s a great exercise you can use to help you get unstuck and moving forward…

Grab a pen and fill in the answers to these simple questions:

I’m in neutral (stuck) because _______________.

The decisions I need to make are ____________.

The mentor who’s going to move me forward powerfully is ____________.

Getting out of neutral feels awesome and yes, you can do this!

If you are seriously looking to get ‘unstuck’ you can.

 If you feel overwhelmed or would like some help to get out of neutral, please get in touch.

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