Tools To Record An Interview

Record An Interview – Create An Instant Product!

To record an interview with an expert in your industry can be one of the quickest ways to create a product to sell and make some quick income, build your list and increase your credibility.

Even if you don’t want to conduct an interview, an easy way to build a product is to simply record yourself talking on your topic.

Lots of people get stuck at the very first obstacle – “deciding how to record an interview with the right equipment.These days there are lots of very good quality recording devises that will record your voice. I want to give you a few of the tools and resources that I have used many times to create voice recordings and interview products.



Audacity is free software you can download and will allow you to record your own voice directly onto your computer just by plugging in a microphone. Most computers have a built in microphone, or you can get a headset that includes a microphone (I use Logitech).

You can also edit your recording using the same program to cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together. Changing the speed or pitch of a recording is handy too. You can import sound files, edit them, and combine them with other files or new recordings. This is great if you want to add some intro or outro music to your recording. You can then export your recordings in many different file formats including mp3 and wav.

Free Conference Calls

To record an interview using a free service, I can recommend . Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, and only need your name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.

Once you enter your name and e-mail address, you instantly get given dial-in numbers and an access code for immediate phone conferencing.

Your teleconferencing lines are available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make reservations.

While many of the other services need you to have internet access, free conference calls does not. You can use any telephone in any location.This service will record your calls and after a recording is made, you can access them to download to your computer.

Instant Teleseminar

I love, love, love using Instant Teleseminar This is an easy to use system that allows you to speak to one person or a group of people to either record an interview or make a presentation.

You will need to book the date and time of your interview into the program. You then receive a telephone number to give the person you are interviewing and they call into that number at the given time.

The recordings are crystal clear and you can manage your set up to allow the recording and/or download to be immediately available to your listeners. This service will host your recordings and give you a link to place on your website or in your autoresponder so people can access the recording. There is a monthly fee of around $67 but you can get your first interview done by using their full service during a 21 day trial.

Once you want to regularly record an interview or give  presentations, I highly recommend this program.


My latest toy is Pamela for Skype.  This software allows you to call someone for free using Skype to Skype, and will automatically record your conversation.  You can also set it to record the video, so if you want to be able to see the person as you interview them, this is a great option. Pamela keeps a copy of the recording in its system as well as placing a copy directly onto my computer.

By adding some credit into your Skype account, Pamela will record a Skype to Land line call.

There are several different pricing levels depending on what features you want.  I use the Professional version and this allows me to have unlimited recordings, for unlimited length of time.  My professional version was a bargain for a once off purchase price of around AUD $32.

There are many more resources that will allow you to record an interview and create an instant product but what you don’t need is overwhelm.  Any of the resources above will work really well for you. I challenge you now to go away and take action!

  • Make a connection with someone to interview
  • Decide what recording program you will use
  • Record the call
  • Offer it to your subscribers




When You Work From Home It’s Not REAL Work


When You Work From Home It’s Not REAL Work…..

Just because you work from home, there are going to be some people who think that you don’t actually work at all! This is especially true if you are working an online business and it’s likely they have no understanding of exactly what it is you do. Most people will think you are just a free spirit all day and not really doing very much.

I’m sure this was the reason I was approached by a business owner recently. She asked me if I would help her out in her business for a few days here and there while some of her admin staff went on extended leave.
As you know, working at home can be pretty lonely sometimes so I thought “What they heck, that sounds like fun -“ why not?”I thought it would be a great chance to get out and about, and meet some new people. So, I agreed to help out in this office whilst staff take some holidays.

My Work From Home Is A Much Better Option!

It quickly became apparent how restricting a regular JOB could be to my lifestyle. Murray and I have had to shuffle some personal plans around to enable me to meet my commitment here and it’s been a pain in the neck.  Wow –  what a reality check into the freedom and the flexibility having an online business gives!

Shock realization number two – I hadn’t even got beyond the first two or three days when I was just amazed at how many hours I had to work to bring home such a small amount of pay!

It was around the fourth or fifth day in the office when one of my existing online clients called me.  He wanted to hire me for a VIP coaching day to map out his new online business. Now this is one of my highest ticket offers. Nonetheless, here was the stark reality. On one hand I’m in a J.O.B. working someone else’s schedule and bringing home $160/day. On the other hand, I can be sharing my skills and knowledge, changing the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs, and actually being paid several thousand of dollars for one days work.

This short term commitment is making me really uncomfortable!!

If you get really uncomfortable with where you are at right now and I can guarantee it will inspire and motivate you to force yourself to keep moving towards your dreams.

So many people today hate going to work, hate having to wake up every morning and do something that they are not passionate about. There will be so many of you who are torn between two options:

  • to pursue your dream of an online business; or
  • to stay in the comfort zone of a JOB.

Is Your Dream To Work From Home?

Even if things don’t always go as well as you planned in your online business, stay strong.  Be committed.  Be determined.

If you’ve got big goals  to work from home – go for it and force yourself to keep moving towards them.


Product Creation – The #1 Skill That Will INSTANTLY Boost Your Business

Product Creation – Yes You Can!

What goes through your mind when you think about creating your own products to sell online?…

Excitement or anxiousness, total overwhelm or ‘let’s go for it”?

Do you avoid product creation  like the plague like so many other marketers?

I thought it would be a difficult process when my very first mentor said to me “Fay, you should think about creating your own products.”

I knew it was a foundation skill that I would need to learn at some point so I could be in control of being able to generate cash at any time.

Now, although I could see the huge potential to boost my business with this skill, I just felt completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.  What would I create? How much would I charge? How would I get people to buy my products ……

I didn’t think I had enough experience to venture into my own product creation. “I’m not a guru, why would anyone buy my products!”, I wondered.

And, I started watching closely as other people (not gurus), in my niche were creating products, getting more visibility and exposure, building their reputation and brand as well as enjoying some healthy cash flow.

Without Any Product Creation In My Business, I Suddenly Felt I Was Missing Out On:

1. Becoming  A Leader

The moment you have your name to a product of any type whether it’s a book, a course or a workshop, your reputation and credibility will skyrocket!  Suddenly, you’re seen as a leader and expert in your field.

New opportunities will present themselves to you as people want you to help them more and more.  Every successful business leader in our industry has created their own products.  This is not a time to go against the grain. Copy the leaders – and start creating your own products!

2. Increased Visibility

The more you create and market your own products, the more opportunities people have of finding you. You will attract more prospects and new clients to your business.

3. Lead Generation and List Building

As you attract people who are interested in what you have to offer, you will continue to grow a responsive list. This list will gain trust in your and your ability to lead them. They will continue to buy other products you offer as you  help them to improve their life or business.

4. Consistent Cashflow

If you have never  made money online before, chances are it could be because you don’t have your own product to offer.  Product Creation does not have to be a long drawn out process.  In just a very short amount of time you can have your very first product created and be experiencing the thrill and excitement of consistent cashflow.  When you have your own product, you get to earn 100% of the commissions.

5. Creating Passive Income

Income from your own products is not completely ‘passive’.  However, once you have put in the effort to create the product initially, then it is possible to experience regular income for very little extra effort on your part.  You can wake up to see money that has gone into your bank account overnight. You are able to spread your message further afield than if you are trying to help people on an individual basis.

I know that so many marketers still fail to muster up the courage to get started creating their own products.  I can’t stand the fact that this means so many people are missing all these great benefits.

I ended up having three incredibly successful products in my first twelve months.  And do you know what they best part is?

They really take such a short time to create.

I could hold back any more, so I’m putting together a brand new series that will take you through the exact same product creation process I use. I’m so excited about this – it’s going to be amazingly valuable!

I expect to have the free intro videos ready in the next week or so


P.S. Also leave a comment is you want to receive early notification of when these free videos will be available!



3 Powerful Business Lessons



WE Magazine Top 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012

Business Lesson Learn’t The Hard Way…

It was May 2008; I was at a three day seminar. What I now know as a ‘sell fest’. You know the type – where speaker after speaker takes to the stage and sells you their stuff. Well I bought in – to the tune of $30,000. And the promise to me was a complete ‘done-for-you’ internet business system and within twelve months I would be a millionaire.  I didn’t realize at the time, I was about to learn one of the most expensive business lessons I’ve ever had.

How naive was I!!

Actually Murray and I had already earned the right to call ourselves millionaires, and that had taken us about 10 years and some very good investment decisions. So I’m not sure why I suddenly thought I could multiply that result in just another twelve months and, in a brand new industry.

Fast forward the twelve months and I still didn’t even have an operational website!

To say I’d been ‘had’ was an understatement. I was pi***** to say the least. Many people would wallow in self pity, give up, or believe making money online was only for other people.

As it turns out, giving up our $30k to this company who placed such low value on integrity was the best thing that could have happened. My response to the whole situation was like waving a red rag at a bull. I was determined to make this internet stuff work! And, it raised the bar on the level of service, integrity and authenticity I wanted to offer my own clients.

My enthusiasm for internet marketing meant I had already started to devour everything I could find on the topic. I spent thousands more on resources and travel to learn from some of the very best in the industry.

And now, just 36 months later I have the honour of being listed in WE Magazine for Women Top 100 in Ecommerce for 2012! To be listed along side great entrepreneurs like Carrie Wilkerson, Melanie Benson Strick, Kathleen Gage and Nicole Dean is simply awesome!

I look back in the rear view mirror to define what characteristics you can model that will serve you well for your business (and life)..

#1 Believe In Your Vision:

What you visualize or dream of achieving may seem outrageous. It might be something you think only ‘other’ people can have success at. Remember, if someone else has already done the same thing before you, there is NO reason why you can’t do it too. Be cautious as to who you share your goals with because there will always be loads of nay-sayers who think you’re wasting your time and are just waiting to tell you “I told you so.” Find yourself a team of supporters and people who will hold you accountable to taking action.

#2 Be Hungry For Coaching:

Always be open to learning more about your subject. There’s a whole world out there of people who know things you don’t. Have an insatiable appetite to learn from others who are already achieving great things. This includes things like listening to audios, reading books, travelling to events, coaching or mentoring with high achievers. Even when you think you know it all – there is always something more to learn. Even if you take just one skill in your field and become REALLY good at it – this will skyrocket your business alone.

#3 Be Prepared To ‘Fail Forward’:

One big mistake I’ve made is trying to get everything perfect. This has meant I have wasted many months and lots of money, waiting for my ducks to line up. I’ve finally realised that things will never be perfect. What’s more important is to get your voice and message out there and improve and tweak as you go. The results are far better.

Above all – it’s taking action that counts!

I still have skydiving on my ‘bucket list’ so I can’t honestly say what it feels like to jump out of a plane ‘000’s of feet above the ground. What I do know is that sometimes I’ve been so far out of my comfort zone building my business that it feels like a similar leap of faith. I now live by the term ‘take imperfect action’, and that has served me well so I encourage you to do the same.

I haven’t got all the answers, but I’ll keep pushing forward….it’s now your turn to make the decision, will you?






Why Goal Setting Can Be A Really Dumb Idea

Goal Setting

Why Goal Setting Can Be A Really Dumb Idea…

by Fay McLean

Goal setting is always top of mind as one year finishes and a new one begins.

We are now well into 2012 and it’s likely that many  have already set some goals for the year.  There will also be a good portion of you who thought you might, buy haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet.

What’s holding you back?  The biggest obstacle I’ve found amongst people who don’t get past just thinking about goal setting, is their fear of not achieving what they set as their target.  On the surface that might not be such a big deal. So what?  But at a deeper level, not achieving your goals can severely undermine your self confidence, your belief and your ability to achieve.

I came across this goal setting strategy not so long ago and decided to use it for setting goals myself this year and I just love it. It is much more motivating, inspiring and empowering so I wanted to quickly share it with you.

Goal Setting

Have you done your goal setting?

Did you like the video? Feel free to share your thoughts below or come on over and say hi on Facebook.


Keep Your Home Based Business Profitable – 5 Tips

How to Keep Your Home Based Business Profitable


Why It’s Important Not To Take Your Eye Off The Money For Too Long!

It drives me NUTS when I hear people say ‘Don’t focus on the money.”  While that may be true for some things, at the end of the day you are in business to make money. If you think otherwise, then you are running a hobby.

For so many businesses, the reason they fail is lack of cash flow. I see it all the time. It’s typical for many home based business owners to appear all happy and chirpy, but the truth of the matter is, their business is often struggling for regular cash flow and long term financial growth.

Have you ever been out for the day and started out with a purse or wallet full of cash and by the end of the day you open it up and glare with amazement at the few dollars or cents that are left? And worse still, you can hardly recall where all the money has gone?

Even though you may operate a home based business, it’s still vitally important to track where you spend your money.  You probably don’t have the same expenses a brick and mortar business has such as rent, rates, or rubbish collection, but there are plenty of expenses related to an online business that add up very quickly and can see your bank account looking like a leaky bucket at times.   Some of what I have, and you might too, are shopping cart fees, web hosting, audio hosting, video  hosting, membership sites, product purchases, email services and there’s more…..

I’m not talking here about being a scrooge. It’s about how to get more for your money.

I want to share 5 tips on how you can keep more money in your bank account and increase your cash flow with little effort at all….

Record every single expense you have related to your business. (In the interview you will hear how I take this even one step further!).  Allocate each expense into a category such as advertising, subscription services, virtual assistance, graphics, etc.  This will allow you to track how much each area of your business is costing you and you can access whether or not you need to make any changes.

Review all your subscription services.  List every site that you are paying a monthly subscription fee. This will be things like your autoresponder service, shopping cart, video or audio hosting.  Check the level of plan you are on and be sure you are only paying for the facilities you require at the time.  I recently dropped a level of service on one of these and saved myself $70 per month!  You may want to downgrade, or change providers to amalgamate with another service you already have to get the level of service you need.

Research – Sometimes, by allocating a small amount of time to research, you can often find the piece of information you need to move forward on a project by searching You Tube, Yahoo Answers or asking for help on Facebook rather than purchasing a whole product just for one tiny piece of information.  Stand firm to only order a product if you are commitment to take action and implement it into your business immediately.  Keep a spreadsheet of all the products you order and how effective your results were so you can track the return on investment.

Reach Out – Some of the best money you can spend will be to hire someone to do a task for you. This leaves you free to continue with what you are good at, and do more of the money making activities in your business.

Reward Yourself – Get excited when you reach your money goals!  Regularly set money goals that are a stretch, but at the same time achievable.  As you set these goals and implement some of the strategies we’ve talked about, you will also begin to see opportunities that will allow you to reach your money targets even quicker. Regularly take a set amount of your income and pay yourself.  You will feel rewarded for your efforts and commitment and after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Doing what you love while running a home based business can be extremely profitable if you decide to operate every area of your business like a professional.

The choice is yours….you can fritter away your money or you can keep more of it to help others and have more fun!

I’d love to know your thoughts….. please quickly do me a favor and share with others and comment below.

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