If Not Now… Then When???


Sorry folks, but I’m going on a rant!!  I know, normally I write to you in my sweet, gentle and caring voice (lol), but today –  I have to let it out!

If not now – then when?

Every day I come across people who SAY they want to build their online business and yet they are not prepared to do what it takes to get there.

In life, there is always something else you could be doing with your time!

When I was competing in half ironman triathlete events I would have to train for 3-4 hours every day. I often run for miles and miles long before the sun came up so that it didn’t interrupt my work day.

I would swim lap after lap at night, going out in the cold and rain when everyone at home stayed snug on the couch watching a favourite TV show.

On weekends I would often be late to social occasions because there were hundred of miles to ride before we were done.

I would leave parties early so that I could get home to get the amount of sleep I required.

For all those years, it didn’t matter what else came up, I worked my time so I got my training DONE.  Why?

Because it was important to me and I was committed  to the results I wanted to achieve.

There is no way I could have got the results I did, if I kept deciding that ‘it was not good timing” to train.  No way!

There is a saying “You have to be prepared to do what others are not, so that you can enjoy the things others won’t later on.”

It really irks me to hear people say things like “I won’t talk to anyone on the phone after 7.30pm”, or ‘But my girlfriend rang and asked me out for coffee”!

And the excuse that crops up at this time of year is “…it’s not good timing…”.

The people who make these comments tend to be the same people who are the first to complain that ‘this isn’t working’, or that it all seems too hard, or, they would rather someone else to everything for them.

So why do people make these shallow excuses? Is it procrastination?  Is it fear?

Well heck, it’s probably those things and more.  But the truth is, if you constantly let those things determine your outcome, you will NEVER achieve the better life you are striving for.

If you want to succeed in your online business, then you need to have a fire in your belly so big that nothing – and I mean nothing – will stop you from achieving your goals.

And make no bones about it – in the beginning you need to work hard and work consistently.

If building your business is TRULY important to you – then you will always find the time to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

When it comes to taking opportunities that will help you grow the foundations of your business, sometimes there will never be a good time!

Now could be a good chance to look at what you are spending your time doing. Perhaps there is something else that is more important to the foundation skills for building your business long term that you could spend your precious time on.

But when push comes to shove if you aren’t doing the steps you need to, the income WILL NOT come in.

I love being able to spend time at my desk creating content, videos or training for you.

There are still times when I get invited out and say ‘no’ because my commitment to building my business to empower, motivate and inspire YOU to your full potential is so strong.

As my skills grow and my team grows, I get more and more of the flexibility that is so rewarding for a home based business. (Trust me, I won’t be seen at my desk much the day our expectant grandchild is born – that’s for sure!)

I want this same flexibility and freedom for you too. 

I DO want you to be able to call the shots on when and how you spend your time.  I DO want you to be able to have lots of time off on holidays with your family.

But FIRST – I want you to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how big is your commitment to building the business that will give you a better life?

  • Are you committed?
  • Are you determined?
  • Do you want to create a better life?

…. then you must be prepared to do whatever it takes, even if it’s not great timing!




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