How To Have a Full Client Pipeline

“I need more clients!”  Have you ever made this statement?

“If you build it they will come” is probably one of the biggest myths ever published and believed when it comes to business.

It’s possible that you have the most amazing offer or business. Unless your ideal clients know about it, you will stay as the best kept secret in your industry. The biggest challenge for so many self employed professionals is consistently attracting new and ideal clients into their business.  Unfortunately, they simply underestimate how much exposure they really need to keep a full pipeline of clients. By consistently implementing a few simple steps, you will be well on your way to achieving your business goals.

Clarity, focus and planning are often the root causes of why this struggle to attract ideal clients is an issue. Remember, when you are crystal clear about the vision for your business, it becomes easy for your ideal clients to see it as well. The first thing you need to know is exactly WHO your ideal client is, why you consider them ideal, and what problems they have that you can provide a solution for. It’s tempting to be broad with your responses for fear of ‘losing’ a prospective client.  After all, I’m sure what you do can actually help soooo many people.  The more specific you can be with your focus, the more effective your marketing strategies can be. You will save time and money. Plans without action are useless. So you do need to have a marketing plan outlined so that you’re confident what your actions need to be on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  This way, you will connect with your ideal clients regularly, rather than your marketing being an ad hoc event.

“But I am already working so hard”  I can almost hear you say.

I know. And that’s why the strategies that really take your business to the next level need to leverage things you already have:

Once you’ve got clarity on your ideal client (I even give my ideal client a name!) and what they need, it’s time for the action to begin.  Here are three simple strategies that I’m using that are working for me that you can use to attract ideal clients to your business NOW:

  1. Powerful Partnerships – Teaming up with someone you may currently regard as your competitor can in fact create a triple win situation (you, your JV partner and your clients/subscribers) and is a great way to get more clients. There are other professionals who service your ideal client before and after you. For example, if you are a graphic designer, it’s possible that people like virtual assistants, web designers, and business coaches all connect with your ideal prospects too.  This is great!  You have enormous opportunity to get in front of your ideal prospects if you leverage of these networks in a partnership arrangement by cross promoting each other’s services.
  2. Reconnect with previous clients – Studies have shown that it’s much easier to re-engage an existing client than a new one.   This is where your low-hanging fruit is!  Right NOW you have a great opportunity to reconnect with past clients and catch up with them.  Have a chat about what’s going on, whether they are meeting their expectations and goals on their own and offer to help support them to the next level of success. It would be a good idea to create a special package or incentive to acknowledge their commitment to you in the past and encourage them to take on your services once more.
  3. Networking – You must go fishing in the right pond!  The fish you are after is your ideal client. This means targeted, focused networking is an excellent way to get in front of a large group of your ideal clients that have already been gathered in one place.  A mistake many solopreneurs make is to go randomly attending networking events just because they can.  This can also be a huge waste of your time – and remember, your time is precious.  When you are confident in who your ideal prospect is, you can research exactly where this type of person ‘hangs’ out and only spend your time at events where they are congregating in large numbers.  When you show up, your intention is to be helpful, an informed resource, friendly and listening to how you can solve your prospects problems more than talking heaps about yourself.  A key to successful networking is QUICK follow up. Actually mark into your diary within the following 24 hours to do this.

Consistency in your marketing is much easier when you know where you are going and what you want. When you can almost taste your success, you’ll be prepared to put in whatever time is takes and come up with loads of creative ideas. Having clarity on your next step will grow your enthusiasm to a point where you become energized by your marketing efforts.  Other people pick up on this high energy – and you will attract others who want the same for themselves!

Implementation is the key – so which of these strategies will you action in your business this week?

Your Action Plan For The Week:

  • Revisit the qualities you want in your ideal client and their profile. Brainstorm everywhere you can think of that they hang out – for both their personal and professional needs, and both online and offline.   Pick out one or two key networking events where you can position yourself as a useful resource and increase visibility.
  • Gather all the information about your past clients. When did they last use your service?  (In fact I always recommend you keep this information about your past clients well maintained right from the start.) Block out a time to call and reconnect with them. Create a special re-enrolment offer.
  • Create a list of who has your ideal prospects before you and after you. Schedule time to meet with these potential joint venture partners to discuss how you can work together to serve each other’s community in a win, win, win situation.


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About the Author Fay McLean

Fay McLean CEO & Founder of Laser Connections, helps Medispas and Aestheticians get a reliable flow of new clients and grow their clinic online using a proven Digital Advertising System. Click Here to Apply for a FREE Strategy Session ($150 Value).

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Viv says June 24, 2011

Well wha do you know?? I had actually done one of these strategies this week! i was needing to make up the numbers for the new Beginner iPad User class and called an existing client. I offered the class at half price, because she had already done a couple of classes, and she happily said yes! so now the class can run – I’m happy, Matt the teacher is happy and my client is happy!
And now you’ve inspired me tto actually go ahead and do the cross-promotion I’ve already arranged with a computer technician.
Thanks for the kick Fay! cheers Viv

Carla J Gardiner says June 24, 2011

Excellent resource article, Fay. Thank you for helping each of us develop a well planned, very focused marketing plan.

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