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Well I have to admit that some days it is easy to get to the end of the day and wonder where all that time went.  This would have to be the quickest way to stay right where you are now, with your business goals.  One of the biggest reasons why so many don’t achieve what they set out to do is that they spend so much time on all the little admin kind of stuff, without any real focus on what the important steps are that you need to do, in order to reach your goals.

Very often, when you have “all the time in the world” to get something done, you take “all the time in the world” to get it done.  In contrast, when you are under pressure with time constraints, the same activity can take you just a fraction of time to achieve the same result.  The key here is FOCUS.   I am sure you have heard the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

Take today for instance.  We head off on a holiday break tomorrow, and there is still a stack of things that I want to get done before I leave.  So that I  make sure everything everything gets ticked off, here’s what I have done, and what you can do too.  The more you apply this to your everyday life whether it is in business or at home, the more you will achieve.

Made a  list of what needs to be done.  Write down every little thing that needs doing, as it pops into your mind.  This will mean less ‘stuff’ bottled up in your head, and leave you clear thinking.  This will also give you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you are able to cross things off your list as you get them done.

Prioritise your list.  Work through your list in order of importance.   Which things are going to move you forward in your business planning, which things are going to keep you where you are at and what might not actually need doing at all.

Delegate anything that can be done by someone else.  So often you think you have to do everything ourselves.  You need to learn to lean on others in order to move forward quickly.  Sometimes if you simply ask, others are more than happy to help you out.  A great team is so important to success.  Right now, your team may be your family, it may be your co-workers, your partner or husband.  But whoever it is, get them on board to help you achieve your outcomes quickly.

Set a time frame for each of the items on your list to be achieved.  When the clock is ticking, you will work a little faster and achieve more.  I set my timer for how ever long I think the task will take, and go like a bull at a gate, till the task is completed.

Eliminate distractions is a major key in getting more done in less time.  Turn off the phone, let your team know you are unavailable except for pre-arranged apppointments and leave your email.  Email is a biggie, and one of the major distractions that will prevent you from achieving all you can in  a day.  More about how to handle email another day, suffice to say, you need to limit using it when you want to stay focused on a task.

Well, to post a blog was one of my priorities.  So, job completed and now to move on to the next on my list.  Leave me a comment on what your best tips are to getting more done in less time so I can keep improving.

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