Get More Leads, Sign-Ups and Sales!

Get More Leads, Sign-Ups and Sales!

I want you to think about your friends for a minute…..

How do you communicate with your friends? 

Do you get excited to tell them when new things are happening? 

Do you like talking about exciting places you can go together?  

If they are stuck or in trouble, are you happy to offer a lending
hand or give them something that will help them get unstuck?  

Do you have friends that you talk to several times a week?

If you are anything like me, you probably said ‘yes’ to all of these questions.

For some reason, people feel that this is an ok way to communicate
with their friends, and then when it comes to their online business and
sending out email broadcasts, they feel uncomfortable repeating these
same kinds of actions.
It’s my guess you’ve gone into business because you have a message
you want to share.  You enjoy helping others in your area of interest.
I have no doubt you have heard these comments before; the money is
in the list AND in the relationship you build with your list. 
And I have to tell you – it’s true!!
I know for me it can be hard too make new friends.  I meet new
acquaintances all the time, but I mean a really good friend. 
And when I do, I treat them very special.
It’s the same as you build your prospect list.  It takes time, energy
and money to build your email list for your online business.  And no
matter whether your list is just 10 or 1000, it’s important that you
treat them like your very best friends.
If you think of your followers in this way, you’ll find it easy to tell them
about an event that is on. It will be natural for you to share a product
that will be great for them. You won’t hesitate to offer your services so
they can get unstuck. 
This style of communication takes all the ‘selling’ away, and instead
focuses on how you can help your list (your new friends). 
I trust my friends to the end of the earth, and if they recommend me
something then I take that very seriously.  When you develop this
same type of relationship with your list you will be able to make
offers to them and they will trust you.
You will be helping more people.  
You will make more money.

It’s a win-win!

Don’t underestimate the power of being able to send out an email,
go off to bed and then wake up in the morning to see new money
in your bank account. It’s a fabulous feeling and it’s one that is within
your reach too.
It’s time you started communicating for profits!
Have yourself an amazing day and week! 🙂 
P.S.  If you’re not making money from your list right now, then you’re
doing  something wrong!
Join us here so see steps ANYONE can follow and take your business
to a whole new level with the best hand holding and accountability
you’ve ever seen!
Here’s to your success!

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