Fiverr Gigs: The Best This Year

Many online business owners make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves.

WordPress setup, Graphic design, eCover design. Facebook Fan Page Creation. Twitter Background. Tech Support. Transcription. Video Submissions. Press Release Submissions. And sooooo much more.

You simply can NOT do it all yourself.

Not if you want to create a successful business quickly, rather than at a snail pace.

Fortunately, there are sites like Fiverr where you can start outsourcing VERY affordably.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into outsourcing, Fiverr is one of the best places to start.

Here you will find someone to do everything from video submissions, article writing, link building, press release submission, video intros and more! Gone are the days when you have to have a long term contract and pay a fortune for hired help.

You may remember that I’ve mentioned the focus for my business this quarter is list building. This means getting my message out there in the market to as many places as possible, and as quickly as possible.  I’m not interested in slow growth.

And in this article I’m going to share with you some my all-time favorite Fiverr gigs. Many of them I am using right now to get my marketing message out quickly and effectively.

Without a doubt, there are some doozies on Fiverr, so I want to share these so you don’t have to spend hours wasting your time scouring through hundreds of gigs and reviews.

This short list from Kim Roach includes the very best Fiverr gigs for the online business owner and blogger…

1. Press Release Submission

fiverrManual Submission to the Top 35 press release sites.

This is one of the best gigs on Fiverr with over 3,000+ Positive reviews. Nishmeh will manually submit your press release to the top 35 press release sites online.

Press releases are one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks. Plus, they send some great traffic as well 🙂 Win-Win!!


2. Slide Sharing Sites

fiverrManual submission to the top 12 slide sharing sites.

Submit your Powerpoint presentation to top sites like,, and These are great sites for high PR backlinks AND exposing your
content to a completely new audience.

This is one of the best providers on Fiverr and she provides a spreadsheet with login info and live links.


3. Document Sharing Sites:

fiverrManual Submission to the top 15 Document Sharing Sites

This ‘Top-Rated’ provider will manually submit your doc/PDF file to the top document sharing sites like Scribd, Docstoc, Issuu, and Calameo. She’ll even create your accounts.

The PDF doc must include anchor links so that you gain extra link juice and get extra traffic 🙂


4. SmashWords Prep:

fiverrFormat Your Ebook for Smashwords to pass AutoVetter

There’s a little-known site online called that can get you a LOT of
extra traffic and exposure for your website. However, their formatting specifications
to be accepted into their premium catalog are pretty tedious. Many people have
spent hours pulling their hair out trying to get it just right.

Fortunately, Fiverr has someone that can do it all for you!

Check out his 100+ RAVING testimonials

5. Video Submission:

fiverr Manual submission to over 30 high ranking video sites.

Lance will submit your video across the web to popular video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Viddler. He also provides a detailed Excel report with all video placements and links. Top Gig! (1,800+ Positive Reviews)

Here’s another Highly-Rated gig that does manual submission to 15 high PR video sites.

And one last provider… just to give you a few options 🙂

This gig provides manual submission to over 30+ top video sharing sites online. It comes with a complete report with login details and live links.

6. Transcription:

fiverr Transcribe 15 minutes of audio for $5. This is one of the BEST transcribers on Fiverr. You can transcribe conference calls, presentations, live voice mail messages, interviews etc…

Another great option is He does 6-minutes of transcription for $5 and has great quality.


7. Caricatures:


Some of the BEST Caricatures online for just $5!

Looking for a way to get the attention of any potential joint venture partner.

Send your JV partner a personalized video along with one of these personalized caricatures. Guaranteed to get their attention!





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About the Author Fay McLean

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Lisa Braithwaite says October 27, 2012

Thanks for the tips, Fay. I’ve been needing a couple of these services and hadn’t thought about giving Fiverr a try for things like transcription. Will check them out!

Terai Koronui says November 5, 2012

This is great information fay_mclean definitely saves me hours of searching for the right outsourcing partner.

Zora says November 6, 2012

Thanks Fay,

It was well worth coming over and reading your great informative blog post.
Looks well laid out and mostly all inclusive of the different offers and services.

I learned some new good tips and tricks.Your blog looks good.

To your success


Donald says November 6, 2012

Hi Fay,

Excellent post. Will look at some of those actually. I’ve just seen your post on John Thornhill’s Masterclass on facebook.

I used Fiverr 3 times and happy with the outcome.I had an article written which I was happy with. Would certainly use them again.

Thanks again for a very interesting post.



    Fay says November 6, 2012

    Thanks for the visit Donald. Fiverr is great and often is is sifting the reliable from the not so reliable that is the hardest. Hopefully my post helps. Glad you get good use from Fiverr and look forward to seeing you here again.

Fay says November 6, 2012

Hey Zora, Nice to see you here at my blog and I’m really glad you’ve got to learn a few new things here. Look forward to seeing you more.
Here’s to your success.

Lisa Braithwaite says December 29, 2012

Since reading this article, I’ve used two different graphic designers on Fiverr for e-book/e-course covers.

The first one was did a great job, finished quickly and was easy to work with. The second had great reviews but not only completed my order incorrectly, but never fixed it. I finally gave up and went back to the first person, who did another excellent job.

All I can say is, I only lost $5 on the second transaction, but it was still a headache. If you find someone you like, stick with them!

Fay says December 30, 2012

Yes Lisa, it’s the sifting the trial and error that can be frustrating. That’s why I wanted to put up these top gigs to help to save people all the trouble. All of the above gigs I have found to be excellent to work with.
Glad you got your result!

David Frey - says June 15, 2013

EXCELLENT ARTICLE Fay. Thank you for the resources. Heck, if someone was clever, they could start their own SEO firm from the info you’ve given in this article. Thank you!

    Fay says June 15, 2013

    Hi David, Thanks so much for stopping by and I honoured that you find the article of great value. Your right though – information is good, but if people take action on what is there, they will get even more benefit. Cheers.

valium says June 19, 2013

Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.

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