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Care For Your Customers

Care For Your Customers

I’m sure I’m like most people, I hate to be sold to, but if I getter better service from you than I do from the fellow down the street, I’m going to keep coming back t see you again and again. I don’t even mind if your prices are higher than  other peoples’ because you make me feel important and valued as a customer.
Here’s an example.   A few months back we wanted to upgrade all our televisions to meet the new digital signals.  Neither Murray or I are electronically minded at all – in fact dealing with electronics scares us to death!  On the morning we set off to do our shopping there was not even any discussion on where we would go to buy. 
We went right back to a local distributor who treats us like a long-time friend.  He welcomes us and from past purchases, knows exactly what our set up is.  He completely understands our fear of digital gadgetry, without making us feel inadequate. He knows he can recommend exactly what we will need to meet our needs.  We don’t question his recommendations; he’s proven himself right time and time again already.  Thrown into the deal he will come around to hour home and completely install and set up and stay to explain how everything works and we are completely happy.  
We never feel pressured and he has us as a lifetime customer.

Want the same relationship with your customers? Here are six ways to go about it.

Smile when you’re on the phone

You can hear a smile through the phone!  Anyone in your business who spends time speaking with your customers must have a happy attitude.  No ‘bad days’ allowed!  .

Ask your clients what they want

It like pushing a wheelbarrow up hill if you only ever give your customers what you  think they need, rather than asking them what they want.   When they tell you what they want, then as much as you can, give it to them. Follow this rule and you will always know you are doing the right thing. I often hear people ask me “Do you think I should do x?”  My answer is – ask your customer!  You can survey customers via your email marketing, hold competitions and learn to be a really good listener whenever your customers speak. 

Don’t be stubborn on refunds

“The customer is always right” is a good rule to follow.  If you deal with a complaint or refund pleasantly, and then also go overboard on anything else you can do for the customer to make things right you will build great loyalty.  In fact, people don’t even mind if they are disappointed with a product, if the way their disappointment is dealt with is pleasant.  It’s not difficult to turn unhappy customers into loyal followers who will come back again and again.

Reward customer loyalty

It bugs me when I see businesses offering incentives to attract new clients, yet forget to reward those clients that have been loyal for months on end.  It’s easy to give bonuses, inexpensive rewards and do unexpected “nice” things. In today’s digital world, if you can add some kind of personalization to a purchase, you will increase customer loyalty ten fold.  People are skeptical and appreciate knowing they are doing business with a ‘real’ person.

People love to belong!

One of human natures fundamental needs to feel like we ‘belong’.  Create a community with your customers and make them feel as if they are part of a very special group.  Be aware of ways you can keep them involved in your business.  This can be through social functions, with email messages, cards or special announcements that simply say “we appreciate you.”

Prioritize customer support

One of the quickest ways to develop a long term relationship and show how much you care for your customers is with super customer service support.  This is especially relevant in the online world.  You may have experienced a time when you sent in a ‘support ticket’ only to still be left hanging around for a response days or weeks later without ever having heard a word back.  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in any business.  Treat your customers’ queries with the highest priority and your customers will stay happy.

Be there to truly serve and care for your customers with these small tips and it will make a big difference.


Here’s to your success!

Fay McLean


P.S.  Master your email marketing and you’ll never feel like you are ‘selling’ ever again.

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My Notes From Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jonathan Budd Event: 5 Tips from Top Achievers

My Notes From Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jonathan Budd Event

Ok, so we’re home from the event Unstoppable Entrepreneur and I’m writing today feeling that it’s the first day since getting back from our trip to the USA that I have a clear head.  For some reason (we won’t mention age), it has taken a bit longer to get back into the swing of things but now we’re good to go!

Unstoppable Entrepreneur This was a truly amazing event.  Yes, I spent over $3000 and more than 70 hours in travel to be there but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the little marketing titbits I have learned at no cost..  is that cool? If so, please click the “Like″ button at the very top of this blog, just off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it? OK, proceed to my notes!

All the speakers varied in age, experience and income levels.  But there was a common denominator to them all…. Persistence and determination!

At Unstoppable Entrepreneur there was also lots of talk about Mobile Apps, Facebook, Traffic, Sales Funnels and Mindset.

I’ll share more over time, but today….

5 Tips From Top Achievers…

Build the Plane While You Are Flying It

I first heard this saying from a brilliant marketer Lisa Sasevich.  The concept is that you don’t need to have everything in place before you take action. When you get an idea, start to put it into action immediately. Make yourself accountable by announcing to your community what you are going to do.  It might be a webinar, a presentation, a product or an event. Then the fact that you have placed yourself on a deadline will mean you are much more likely to follow through.

Build A Team

It’s important to recognize that your team is not only a reference to people who you may hire to build your business with you.  It is also your colleagues, your list or community.  It’s about building relationships with lots of people who you can rely on to support and encourage you to achieve your destination.  Alone you will go a short way slowly; with a team you will go far, quickly.  I know which I would prefer!

Include High Ticket Offerings

While many people have made a lot of money selling $9.95 e-books, you should recognize that it is much easier to achieve high income goals if you include a high ticket offering.  There is information you have in your head that other people want!  One of the easiest ways to create a high ticket offering is to offer a VIP day or private mentoring.  You can offer this in any niche extremely successfully.  My very first product ever was a VIP program that I sold for $5995, so you don’t have to wait until you’ve been in business for years before you offer personal or high ticket offers.

Fail Forward

If you focus on implementation and take action quickly you will soon discover that not everything will work out as well as you planned.  But that’s ok!

Taking action and not getting the results you want is still better than taking no action at all.  We all learn very quickly from our mistakes. I hate to burst your bubble… your business will never be perfect. It’s why so many wannabe entrepreneurs go to the grave with their “idea” that’s never fully realized. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t live life with regrets.

Create An Effective Sales Funnel

Which do you think is more important – Product or Traffic or Conversions?

The answer is ALL three are equal.  These three things do not stand alone and if any one part is missing – then you are leaving big dollars on the table.

It doesn’t matter how big your community is or how many people you have on your list – your first priority is to create an effective sales funnel.  You have people opt in to get your information and then you offer at least one product (yours or someone elses).  You track your results and tweak where necessary. THIS my friend is what will build your business.


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Create A System The Simple Way

The Simple Way to Create a System

There’s no point in building an online business only having to be stuck to your computer all day answering emails and putting out fires. That no fun at all!

After all, this type of business is about FREEDOM.

And you need to master something that most people ignore. We focus on “traffic” and “google”, when you should start with this one word..


Now I have to admit that I have taken far too long to understand the importance of this – and this is why I don’t want you wasting loads of time like I have done in the past.

No matter what you do, you must be able to create a system out of it. And your system doesn’t have to be complicated to start.

As I began to work with more and more clients I realised that every time I was repeating the same information over and over to them.  They would need to know how to set up their WordPress site – so I’d help them do it.  They would need to know how to set up Aweber, so I would walk them through it. They would need to know how to get their product approved on Clickbank, so I’d walk them through it.  I’d go over the process of how to create an awesome Opt-in offer.

Now, FINALLY!! I have created videos, templates and checklists for all those things that get repeated over and over again no matter who I am working with.

Or, if I have a new project or product I’m creating, I simply write down EVERY STEP and put it into a google doc. This makes it easy if you want to share it with a team. That’s it. I don’t leave anything to memory.

But it’s not just about documenting any processes, I also document what tasks need doing during a new product release.

For example, if there is a new product I’m creating, I might have the following in the document… (and yes, it’s a fictional product!)

  1. 1.      Product Title and Summary: How to build your own membership site. It’s 4 online videos showing people how to build their own membership site. Step by step. We are going live on October 1st.
    2. Price: $495
  2. 2.      Set up sales page
  3. 3.      Record a video
  4. 4.      Write sales page copy
  5. 5.      Create a new list in Aweber
  6. 6.      Write autoresponder series
  7. 7.      Link payment System
  8. 8.      Refund Policy
  9. 9.      Online Access page
  10. 10.  Schedule date for promotion cal
  11. 11.  Decide on Bonuses to offer
  12. 12.  FAQ’s: this is where I’d add some typical questions like “is this for newbies?” “does it include software?”

Once this list is finished, I allocate deadlines dates to each of the tasks. Next step is to decide who is responsible for completing each task.  It is mine, or am I going to delegate that to a team member?

Just by creating a simple document saves me dozens of hours in email, confusion and overwhelm.

Now get out there and start documenting everything.

Your coach has spoken.





Have You Played Lately!

Business is Fun!

Have you played lately?

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were doing something that was just not any fun at all.

I know that sometimes when I sit at my desk I’m tearing my hair out when faced with technical challenges or things aren’t always going as I would like them to.  But the reason I ‘m happy to work on my business for long hours is that I really enjoy it.  In fact, if someone asks me if I am ‘working’ today, I hesitate to say yes, because my online business never really feels like ‘work’.

Can you say ‘Business is fun?”

I had a coaching call with my client Joanne.  I would call Joanne a ‘newbie’.  She’s been way outside of her comfort zone ever since deciding to start her online ventures.  During our last conversation Joanne said, “You know Fay, there are so many things that are difficult, but this is SO MUCH FUN!”

She’s excited about being able to blog. She’s excited to learn how to market. She’s excited to be able to extract herself from her everyday job and spend time on her new business.  Joanne sits in the corner of the cafeteria at lunch time and writes her blog posts.  Joanne is having fun and feels like her life has been rejuvenated because she’s doing what she loves.

It’s rare that you don’t come across things that challenge you as your business grows.  For most people, it’s technical stuff.  Or perhaps your challenge is trying to decide what you should be spending your time on.  There’s always the frustration of feeling like you never have enough time to get everything done.

These are different feelings compared to feeling that everything in your business is a constant grind.  If that’s how your business feels here’s what you may want to consider:

  • Whether entrepreneurial life is for you
  • Perhaps you need to change your niche; or
  • Find a coach or support group that will inspire and motivate you

Ways to keep the ‘fun’ in your business

  • Build your business on the foundation of something you have an intense interest in
  • Get excited and being able to share your knowledge and help others
  • Constantly set yourself new goals and targets to reach

Life is too short to be doing anything you really don’t enjoy.  One of the major benefits of having your own business is that you get to choose how you spend your time. So although you may find the journey a little bumpy at times, be sure to stop and smell the roses and have FUN.  I’ll guarantee you’ll be more productive in the end!!

I appreciate you being part of my community that allows me to have so much fun.


P.S.  You can spend the day with me planning how to make your business more fun!

7 Pillars of Financial Freedom

7 Pillars of Financial Freedom



Is Financial Freedom A Possibility For You?

OK, so on the weekend I spent two days at the Leo Shreven All Power Seminar and I wanted to give up the goods. Yes, I gave up a hefty amount of time and money to be there but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the tidbits I learned from the final session focusing on financial freedom, at no cost…. is that cool?   If so, please click the “+1″ button at the very top of this blog, up  off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it?

Achieving financial freedom is within reach of each and every one of us.  There may be times when you have trouble believing this so I want to give you some insights

1. Achieve financial freedom with  clear, specific financial goals and a plan of action.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there.  Just as you need a map to  get to any other destination, you must create your own map to achieve your financial goals. How much money do you want to earn?  What is your plan of action to earn this amount? What resources do you need or each your goals?  What help do you need from others to achieve your goals.  Write up a detailed plan of action so every day you can take action steps that will see you getting closer and closer to your target.  If your money goal is a long way from where you are today, then aim for a 20% gain per year as a great starting point.

2. Always strive to do your best, be the best and work hard.  Opportunities will come your way when you stand out from the crowd.  Aim to go above and beyond. Aim to give great value. Don’t settle for mediocrity in how your serve your customers. It doesn’t matter if you think there are others who know more then you – simply be sure you are the best YOU can be.

3.  Work in or create a business in which you are serving people or giving. Give people what they want, need or can use!  Look for what people are complaining about or frustrates them and figure out a way to fill that need.  Years ago, a man called J.A. Burchill was aware that people were constantly complaining about single pieces of paper falling off desks and scattering all over the ground – thus the simple ‘notepad’ was born and has made him millions of dollars.

Listen to your customers, give them what they want and you will have financial freedom!

4. Become responsible for your personal life. Losers make excuses, winners make progress. Losers blame others; winners accept responsibility.  It’s that simple.

5. You must work! There is this myth in the internet marketing world that you can make millions of dollars working just 1-2 hours a day. Ask any millionaire and he will tell you he works 10-14 hours per day.  This is partly because that’s what it takes to manage and control the empire he has created, and partly because it’s his nature to be a driven, motivated individual.

Many people say they want to achieve ‘financial freedom’, yet are unwilling to actually do the work it takes to get there.  You may often see people who appear to have ‘overnight success’ Work an 8 hour day and you get survival. Anything over 8 hours and you invest into your financial future.

6. Learn to manage your time well. Wealthy people can achieve more in one day than what you could achieve in a whole week.  They understand how to make quick decisions, systems, how to prioritize, how to delegate and outsource.  No matter what level you are at in business, as you get better at managing your time, you will see a corresponding increase in how much money you make.

7.  Determination, persistence and be willing to take calculated risks. It’s easy to get disappointed when things don’t work out as well as you expected.  Rather than give up, look at it this way.  Now you know at least one way to get what you want that doesn’t work.  And that actually makes you one step closer to finding a way that does work.   When Thomas Edison was trying to create a light globe, he actually failed hundreds of times before he achieved what he set out to do.  Imagine how dark your world might still be if he had given up before?  People need you and what you have to offer.

“If you want to succeed, then double your failure rate.”

These are just a few ideas to get you headed in the direction of creating your own financial freedom.

It takes blood, sweat and tears – but it will pay off in the end. Big time.


Why Goal Setting Can Be A Really Dumb Idea

Goal Setting

Why Goal Setting Can Be A Really Dumb Idea…

by Fay McLean

Goal setting is always top of mind as one year finishes and a new one begins.

We are now well into 2012 and it’s likely that many  have already set some goals for the year.  There will also be a good portion of you who thought you might, buy haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet.

What’s holding you back?  The biggest obstacle I’ve found amongst people who don’t get past just thinking about goal setting, is their fear of not achieving what they set as their target.  On the surface that might not be such a big deal. So what?  But at a deeper level, not achieving your goals can severely undermine your self confidence, your belief and your ability to achieve.

I came across this goal setting strategy not so long ago and decided to use it for setting goals myself this year and I just love it. It is much more motivating, inspiring and empowering so I wanted to quickly share it with you.

Goal Setting

Have you done your goal setting?

Did you like the video? Feel free to share your thoughts below or come on over and say hi on Facebook.