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Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in Business

AS your business is growing, it is important to make sure that you don’t lose your mind, that you always have fun and stay real to your self.  If you compromise on these things, no matter how hard you work now, it will not be lasting without costing you dearly on a personal level.
I know from personal experience, that if you don’t feel busy, there is the risk that you don’t feel productive either.  The good news is, you don’t have to work your buns off 14 hours a day.  It’s ok to show your weaknesses, to be yourself and still thrive.

So what are the secrets to avoid feeling overwhelmed, working like crazy while keeping the profits increasing?

One of the first things you need is to make sure you have an effective, money making website. An effective website is one that is low in maintenance, easily updated and has a way of capturing your clients’ details so that you can build a relationship with them.  The idea is NOT to spam them with junk, but deliver them valuable information that helps them to solve their problems. If you think your business is restricted to your local clients, you are losing money faster than a leaky bucket.

There are simple ways to ensure you maximize your organic rankings in the search engines.  A couple of  these are: correct use of long tail keywords and tags on your posts and in your copywriting, particularly your headlines; giving pictures on your website a keyword rich ‘title’; and installing TweetMeme and AddToAny which are two favourite  f*r*ee plugins from WordPress.  These will mean your blog posts are automatically sent into the social media world without you having to do anything else once you have uploaded them to your website.

WordPress is the most ‘google friendly’ platform for a website to be built. All the top, fast growing companies have their websites in WordPress.  Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and even Ebay all have their websites built in WordPress.  It is an immediate advantage for you when it comes to organic rankings.

The content on your web page needs to be changing often for you to maximize your search rankings. By being able to make small changes yourself means you can save lots of money and time waiting for a web developer to make minor changes for you. The message through your copy on your site needs to be consistent and reflect how you can solve your target audience’s problems.

You are not required to do everything yourself!
I still see people running a business where they have developed quite a large list or client base and insist on doing every little job themselves.  As a result, they are exhausted and quickly losing the energy to give 100% to working with their clients and on their business.

When I ask other marketers who have a much bigger business than me “What would you do differently if you knew then, what you know now?”.  Without fail, every time, they say they would bring on a team much sooner.

Your clients need value.   They need you supporting them.  It is hard for you to focus on the money making activities when you are running around uploading articles into sites, or cropping photos or editing music, especially if you are like me, and not very good at these tasks.  Doing all these little tasks drains your creativity.  One of the biggest drains on your energy can be personally answering all your emails and always being available on the telephone.  I have been willing to do these two tasks up until now, but it is time for me to hand them over to someone else.  I can spend more and more time with my clients, creating products, teaching and inspiring which is what I do best.  If you want to be the CEO of your company you need to get rid of these tasks to someone else – and quickly!  This will give you more time for the money making activities.

I hear many people say they will get some team help when they are making some more money.  Believe me – getting the team on board will be what allows you to make some more money.  Your team can be to help with website, graphics, uploading, editing, writing and much more.  A good way to divide the tasks is to do more of what you enjoy, and to get someone else to do the rest.

Have the belief that you will survive and thrive.

In most instances, it is your belief system that will be the biggest obstacle preventing you from achieving your dreams.  It is a BIG factor in your success.  Some of the most common beliefs that hold people back are:
“It doesn’t feel right for me to earn more money than my husband/man in the house”
“I have to work harder to earn more money”  – this stems from a fear of lack of money.
Thoughts like these will sabotage your actions.  Business is always challenging, but if your mindset is good then your business will prosper.  Your thoughts will seep through your conversations and into the energy you put out to your clients.

A signal that you may have some belief patterns holding you back is if you find yourself as an ‘information junkie’.  This is a way of hiding behind your own thought patterns by thinking that you still need to learn something more before you are ‘good enough’ to take your brilliance into the world in a big way.

Whether you realize it or not, one of the things you want is more money!  You have to become comfortable with that idea.  It is not wrong to want lots of money.  In fact, you can do more to help others in so many ways, if you have more money. Until you are completely comfortable with this you will subconsciously block opportunities.

Have a mindset that will allow you to ask for money and be willing to receive it. I have a couple of things that I do to put me into a ‘millionaire mindset’ each day.  Working on my mindset is something I spend a lot of time on.  I am looking forward to doing some personal work with PJ McClure during 2011. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on mindset and author of “Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H.”.

I would encourage you to drastically reduce the amount of exposure you have to sources of negative impact such as television, news and radio.  Increase the time you spend reading books based around success principles and spend more time having fun with friends and family.

Your Client Building Task For The Week:

•    List the tasks you do.  Review them and mark each of them that could be done just as well by someone else.  Find that ‘someone’ to do them for you as soon as possible.
•    Write a daily gratitude journal where you list at least 5 things that you are grateful for. No matter how big or small.
•    Create a folder in your email called “Kind Words”.  Whenever you receive a complimentary email, file it in this folder. Refer back to this folder when you have moments of doubt

Attracting Clients – Mistakes and Misconceptions


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Designing a successful business is not difficult.  It is just that most people are so great at what it is that they do, that they have no idea of the many other hats they need to wear as a solo-preneur.  One of those hats is that of a marketer.

Understanding the basic requirements for a consistent and effective marketing plan should be a foundational step in a successful business.

Watch this short video to hear what some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions are when people are marketing their business.  These are the reasons why so many people never get to achieve the success they truly deserve.

Leave me your comments and tell me what you discovered about your business from this video.

Attract Clients By Design


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Why are YOU in business?

Some will say it’s for the money, but many will say it is far more than that.

Being in business means that each of us is here to serve the world in a BIG way and that as a result, we are handsomely rewarded for it.  We have the ability to change thousands of lives if we take the ‘no excuses’ approach to growing from both within, and through our business.

When you have the system to grow your business, to experience abundance and financial security is a blessing.

For your business to grow from whatever point it is at right now, you need to have a dependable, reliable and repeatable system for attracting and marketing to your ideal clients.

Please leave me your comments and thoughts on the video you have just seen now.

How To Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

Every place you turn on the internet these days there is someone offering you a Quick Start to Instant Cash, Overnight Millions and other similar headlines.  I have been attending workshops and purchasing programs for several years now, and as sure as night follows day, I can assure you, there is no such thing as instant success!   Yes, there are folks who can show you wonderful bank statements of cash coming in quickly, but what most of them don’t say, is that the ‘instant cash’, took them 4 years of hard work to get to that point.


I am not saying that your journey needs to be long, drawn out and laboriously difficult. Indeed no. What I am saying is that going into any business and achieving long term success requires certain factors.  Operating your own business can be physically, emotionally, socially and financially draining if you are not careful.

The initial idea of your own business is often draped with bright lights.  The possibility of flexibility, of more time to yourself and cash flow are some of the attractive elements.  All of these outcomes are most definitely there for the taking providing you also follow these simple guidelines:

Be passionate about what you do:   Loving what you do in your business will be essential to helping you to overcome some of the hurdles and obstacles that you will meet along the way.

Be determined to succeed: When the bright lights have dimmed, you want to have a real raw determination that you will continue to progress with your plans until you get the outcome you want.  Too often the initial idea sounds great, and then as a few months pass and you need to start scheduling regular tasks that will help you to grow you list, it all seems like the return is not worth the effort.  Be patient and determined, and the results will show up for you.

Believe in yourself: Continual self doubt is one of the biggest saboteurs to solopreneurs. Avoid underestimating how valuable the information you have is to others. Target an audience at a level to which you do feel competent and experienced and as you continue to increase your own knowledge your target audience may change. You will most certainly not achieve success if you don’t first of all believe you are capable of it.

A clear strategy: Whilst a good overall view is great, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with stages of your business growth that you have not yet reached.   Look at your current three month plan, and work to that.  Work backwards to create your monthly, weekly and daily actions to ensure you achieve your goals but remember that they can change.  Continually re-assess what is right for you based on new experiences, learnings, desires and opportunities.

Never be afraid to ask for help: One of the workshops I attended 18 months ago had a flip chart that said “Be hungry for coaching”.  I will never forget this and it has helped spur me on many times.  How often do you find yourself stuck or confused as to what to do next and yet you don’t go out and find someone who can help you to get over the barrier you are facing?  For sustainable success you want to be always open to offers of coaching or assistance, researching what you feel is a weakness. There are many places you can go to get help such as forums, social networking, a mentor or personal coach perhaps.  If you want to know something – find out who knows and go and ask!

Leave me a comment on challenges you face during your businesses growth.

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