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Email Marketing – What’s Right and What’s Not?

Email Marketing – What’s Right and What’s Not

I was at the gym this morning for my workout just like normal. I stopped to take a one minute break in between weight sets.  I sat looking around at others in the weights room and noticed how everyone was doing different stuff.  Some guys were using really heavy weights (one guy was a ‘machine!’.  Some were using light weights. Others were doing 8 reps and some people were doing 15.  As I caught my breath, ready to pull down my heavy load again, I asked myself the question “So who is right?”

It’s a little bit like the questions I hear a lot about email marketing to your list.

“How many emails should I be sending, and how often?”

Check out my thoughts here…

Email Marketing – How Does It Work?

It can be said that you can make money at the ‘click of a button’ when you hit ‘send’ on an email.  While this can be true, there are some ground rules you need to play by before you reach that stage.

As a new lead joins your list after opting in to your ‘Awesome Free Offer’, it’s important to continue to build your relationship with that person. Yes, remember they are a person, and not just a number or statistic in your database.  It’s likely that your new lead is also subscribed to many other lists. If you leave it for three weeks before sending out another email, they are going to look at your email and go ‘Who the heck is that? – DELETE!”

How Often Should I Send Email Marketing?

The best way to avoid becoming a stranger to your new lead is to set up your autoresponder system to send out 7-10 follow up emails that go out automatically after a new lead joins your list. The intention of these early emails is to allow your new prospect to get to know you, connect with you on social media and to lead them back to your website to see more of what you have to offer.  After this initial series, they would then receive your regular email broadcasts or newsletters.  Timing is less important than consistency.  Don’t send three emails this week and then send nothing for three weeks.  This is the quickest way to annoy your audience.

By sending regular emails to your leads will mean you will stay at the front of their mind.  Not everybody is ready to buy what you have straight away.  As you keep in touch through your email marketing you’ll be surprised at how many leads will become customers even after many months or longer.  I’m always surprised when I have people purchase from me after being on my email list for 12 months or more.

What Should My Email Marketing Say?

The key to being welcome in your prospects’ inbox is to always provide value in your emails.  Set inside your prospects shoes and think about the problems they want solved and questions they want answered.  Use your emails to provide them with these solutions and answers. This will keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say.  You will know you have hit the ‘sweet spot’ when you receive an email back from someone saying “Fay, you must have read my mind. That was just what I needed today!”

Your prospects will get to look forward to hearing from you and will eagerly await what you have to say next.

Can Email Marketing Make You Money?

Of course you need to have emails where you make an offer to your list. This is the fundamental reason you create a list in the first place.  Email marketing is still one of the best ways to earn regular income.

I’ve often heard that earnings can be calculated as $1 per lead on your list, per month.  So a list of $1000 can have the potential to earn you $1000 per month. However, what I’ve discovered is that it’s more about the quality of your leads and the relationship you have with them that will determine how much you can earn from your email marketing.

As your prospects gain trust for your information, and you offer programs or products, they will be more inclined to buy them because they respect your opinion.

Will Too Much Email Marketing Make Leads Unsubscribe?

It’s a fact – people will unsubscribe from your list. It’s okay.  Not everyone is your ideal prospect and if they don’t want to hear what you have to say, they certainly won’t be someone who buys from you.  People will unsubscribe for many reasons and sometimes it’s just that they are having a bad hair day and your email landed in their inbox and they need to take their frustration out on something.  Don’t take it personally.  I always think of ‘unsubscribe’ as a good thing. It means my list is becoming even more targeted with my ideal prospects.

Watch your numbers and track statistics regularly and be sure you continue to do something everyday to marketing your business and build your list.

It doesn’t matter how good your product, service or offer is.  If you don’t have a list to market to, the rest doesn’t matter.

My focus for the next 90 days is to build my list. And I’ll be using everything in Email Marketing to make sure my follow up is building relationships and monetized.

What will you do in the next six months to finally reach your goals? If nothing else, send an email to your list to tell them you appreciate them, just like I appreciate YOU!

Here’s to your success!



Create A System The Simple Way

The Simple Way to Create a System

There’s no point in building an online business only having to be stuck to your computer all day answering emails and putting out fires. That no fun at all!

After all, this type of business is about FREEDOM.

And you need to master something that most people ignore. We focus on “traffic” and “google”, when you should start with this one word..


Now I have to admit that I have taken far too long to understand the importance of this – and this is why I don’t want you wasting loads of time like I have done in the past.

No matter what you do, you must be able to create a system out of it. And your system doesn’t have to be complicated to start.

As I began to work with more and more clients I realised that every time I was repeating the same information over and over to them.  They would need to know how to set up their WordPress site – so I’d help them do it.  They would need to know how to set up Aweber, so I would walk them through it. They would need to know how to get their product approved on Clickbank, so I’d walk them through it.  I’d go over the process of how to create an awesome Opt-in offer.

Now, FINALLY!! I have created videos, templates and checklists for all those things that get repeated over and over again no matter who I am working with.

Or, if I have a new project or product I’m creating, I simply write down EVERY STEP and put it into a google doc. This makes it easy if you want to share it with a team. That’s it. I don’t leave anything to memory.

But it’s not just about documenting any processes, I also document what tasks need doing during a new product release.

For example, if there is a new product I’m creating, I might have the following in the document… (and yes, it’s a fictional product!)

  1. 1.      Product Title and Summary: How to build your own membership site. It’s 4 online videos showing people how to build their own membership site. Step by step. We are going live on October 1st.
    2. Price: $495
  2. 2.      Set up sales page
  3. 3.      Record a video
  4. 4.      Write sales page copy
  5. 5.      Create a new list in Aweber
  6. 6.      Write autoresponder series
  7. 7.      Link payment System
  8. 8.      Refund Policy
  9. 9.      Online Access page
  10. 10.  Schedule date for promotion cal
  11. 11.  Decide on Bonuses to offer
  12. 12.  FAQ’s: this is where I’d add some typical questions like “is this for newbies?” “does it include software?”

Once this list is finished, I allocate deadlines dates to each of the tasks. Next step is to decide who is responsible for completing each task.  It is mine, or am I going to delegate that to a team member?

Just by creating a simple document saves me dozens of hours in email, confusion and overwhelm.

Now get out there and start documenting everything.

Your coach has spoken.





Have You Played Lately!

Business is Fun!

Have you played lately?

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were doing something that was just not any fun at all.

I know that sometimes when I sit at my desk I’m tearing my hair out when faced with technical challenges or things aren’t always going as I would like them to.  But the reason I ‘m happy to work on my business for long hours is that I really enjoy it.  In fact, if someone asks me if I am ‘working’ today, I hesitate to say yes, because my online business never really feels like ‘work’.

Can you say ‘Business is fun?”

I had a coaching call with my client Joanne.  I would call Joanne a ‘newbie’.  She’s been way outside of her comfort zone ever since deciding to start her online ventures.  During our last conversation Joanne said, “You know Fay, there are so many things that are difficult, but this is SO MUCH FUN!”

She’s excited about being able to blog. She’s excited to learn how to market. She’s excited to be able to extract herself from her everyday job and spend time on her new business.  Joanne sits in the corner of the cafeteria at lunch time and writes her blog posts.  Joanne is having fun and feels like her life has been rejuvenated because she’s doing what she loves.

It’s rare that you don’t come across things that challenge you as your business grows.  For most people, it’s technical stuff.  Or perhaps your challenge is trying to decide what you should be spending your time on.  There’s always the frustration of feeling like you never have enough time to get everything done.

These are different feelings compared to feeling that everything in your business is a constant grind.  If that’s how your business feels here’s what you may want to consider:

  • Whether entrepreneurial life is for you
  • Perhaps you need to change your niche; or
  • Find a coach or support group that will inspire and motivate you

Ways to keep the ‘fun’ in your business

  • Build your business on the foundation of something you have an intense interest in
  • Get excited and being able to share your knowledge and help others
  • Constantly set yourself new goals and targets to reach

Life is too short to be doing anything you really don’t enjoy.  One of the major benefits of having your own business is that you get to choose how you spend your time. So although you may find the journey a little bumpy at times, be sure to stop and smell the roses and have FUN.  I’ll guarantee you’ll be more productive in the end!!

I appreciate you being part of my community that allows me to have so much fun.


P.S.  You can spend the day with me planning how to make your business more fun!

7 Pillars of Financial Freedom

7 Pillars of Financial Freedom



Is Financial Freedom A Possibility For You?

OK, so on the weekend I spent two days at the Leo Shreven All Power Seminar and I wanted to give up the goods. Yes, I gave up a hefty amount of time and money to be there but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the tidbits I learned from the final session focusing on financial freedom, at no cost…. is that cool?   If so, please click the “+1″ button at the very top of this blog, up  off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it?

Achieving financial freedom is within reach of each and every one of us.  There may be times when you have trouble believing this so I want to give you some insights

1. Achieve financial freedom with  clear, specific financial goals and a plan of action.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there.  Just as you need a map to  get to any other destination, you must create your own map to achieve your financial goals. How much money do you want to earn?  What is your plan of action to earn this amount? What resources do you need or each your goals?  What help do you need from others to achieve your goals.  Write up a detailed plan of action so every day you can take action steps that will see you getting closer and closer to your target.  If your money goal is a long way from where you are today, then aim for a 20% gain per year as a great starting point.

2. Always strive to do your best, be the best and work hard.  Opportunities will come your way when you stand out from the crowd.  Aim to go above and beyond. Aim to give great value. Don’t settle for mediocrity in how your serve your customers. It doesn’t matter if you think there are others who know more then you – simply be sure you are the best YOU can be.

3.  Work in or create a business in which you are serving people or giving. Give people what they want, need or can use!  Look for what people are complaining about or frustrates them and figure out a way to fill that need.  Years ago, a man called J.A. Burchill was aware that people were constantly complaining about single pieces of paper falling off desks and scattering all over the ground – thus the simple ‘notepad’ was born and has made him millions of dollars.

Listen to your customers, give them what they want and you will have financial freedom!

4. Become responsible for your personal life. Losers make excuses, winners make progress. Losers blame others; winners accept responsibility.  It’s that simple.

5. You must work! There is this myth in the internet marketing world that you can make millions of dollars working just 1-2 hours a day. Ask any millionaire and he will tell you he works 10-14 hours per day.  This is partly because that’s what it takes to manage and control the empire he has created, and partly because it’s his nature to be a driven, motivated individual.

Many people say they want to achieve ‘financial freedom’, yet are unwilling to actually do the work it takes to get there.  You may often see people who appear to have ‘overnight success’ Work an 8 hour day and you get survival. Anything over 8 hours and you invest into your financial future.

6. Learn to manage your time well. Wealthy people can achieve more in one day than what you could achieve in a whole week.  They understand how to make quick decisions, systems, how to prioritize, how to delegate and outsource.  No matter what level you are at in business, as you get better at managing your time, you will see a corresponding increase in how much money you make.

7.  Determination, persistence and be willing to take calculated risks. It’s easy to get disappointed when things don’t work out as well as you expected.  Rather than give up, look at it this way.  Now you know at least one way to get what you want that doesn’t work.  And that actually makes you one step closer to finding a way that does work.   When Thomas Edison was trying to create a light globe, he actually failed hundreds of times before he achieved what he set out to do.  Imagine how dark your world might still be if he had given up before?  People need you and what you have to offer.

“If you want to succeed, then double your failure rate.”

These are just a few ideas to get you headed in the direction of creating your own financial freedom.

It takes blood, sweat and tears – but it will pay off in the end. Big time.


Build An Online Business Of Your Dreams!

 She Has Achieved Her Dream!


Build An Online Business Or To Win Olympic Gold – Which Is Easier?

Which do you think would be the easier task – winning an Olympic Games Gold Medal or to build an online business with incredible profits?+

I was in the room 4 years ago when Natalie Cook stood up amongst several hundred people to pledge her commitment to participate in what would be her 5th  Olympic Games – London 2012.+

Natalie Cook is not content with just being a high achiever. She is determined to be the best. At the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 Natalie was recognised as the best – with a Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold! With four Olympic games under her belt (bikini), the question  remains…will Natalie Cook win another Gold?+

So what sets people like Natalie apart from the rest of the crowd?

Guts?  Determination?  Pride?  Self Belief?

I think it’s a bit of all of these things.

What’s That Got To Do With Wanting To Build An Online Business??

That moment of decision when Natalie made her commitment to compete in the Olympic Games London 2012 –  is the same sort of powerful commitment you also need to make if you want to see yourself achieve your dreams.

Not everyone can be an Olympic Gold Medalist. Those who do achieve their dream are the ones that get back up when they fall over.  They are the ones that go out to the training session and give 110% even when their body is aching and would much rather stay on the couch.  They are the ones that fight the demons in their head with their belief “Yes I Can!”

Fortunately, it is possible for everyone to build an online business success story of their own.  But it still takes guts, determination, pride and self belief.

Guts:  It takes guts to step out there and offer what you know to the rest of the community.

You will feel like you don’t know enough, or are not ‘good enough’.  Let me tell you that there are many people in your community who will be inspired by whatever journey you have already travelled and are just waiting for your help.

Determination: You need huge amounts of determination to overcome the many obstacles you will find along the way. You’ll bump into a lot of problems, and you’ll want to give up, but those that succeed keep going, and they don’t let anything hold them back.

Pride:  You will fail, a lot. You will fall flat on your face. You will wish you had a steady pay check. The more you can fail and learn, the faster you will gain experience. Failure doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It just means you’re learning, which is essential to success. You must learn to rise above your pride to fail forward. To take action and move on even when you don’t always get the results you were expecting.

Self Belief:  You have to cultivate a mindset of ruthless determination. When you do, you’ll not only succeed in business, but you’ll also dramatically improve your life. Constantly reconfirm your self belief that it IS possible to make a great income online. If you truly believe that it is possible for this to happen, you will find yourself open to the opportunities and look for ways to make your beliefs a reality.

Some people will look at the 4 years of training it takes in between each Olympic Games as a hell of a long time to work towards one moment of glory and reaching a dream.  Yet I see so many people who are not prepared to work for that length of time even when they have the opportunity to achieve their own dreams for a lifetime.

You have to learn to focus on the right things to get the right results. This is a business. This is YOUR business. You’re not here to play around. You’re here to create value and sell that value to the right people. Learn what tasks bring in revenue, make customers happy and make your life better, then perfect those.

Make your decision to achieve YOUR dreams and imagine how fabulous it will feel to stand on your very own podium as you  look back in another four years time and see what amazing success you have achieved as you continue to build an online business.

Don’t delay – start today…

Oh – and loads of cheering for Natalie and all Olympians!

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Online Marketing Secrets (Most Don’t Know These)

In this short post I will share some online marketing secrets that goo-roos are afraid to tell you. For some people trying to do  marketing online, it’s no wonder you have been frustrated and have struggled; this post will help.

Isn’t Online Marketing Easier?

I remember when I first started working my new marketing business back in 2009 and I hit my first four figure week.  I  was speaking to a friend and prospect telling her that I was looking for clients like a crazy woman; going to networking events, chatting to people on Facebook and working my butt off to get ahead and into making some serious money in this new business venture.

When I was explaining to this friend about what I was doing she said, “That sounds like the hard way, I thought you were just going to use the Internet”. And there goes unrealistic expectation person off to their doom…

What it does do though is prove my point. Most small business entrepreneurs go to the Internet out of weakness. They use it because they do NOT want to improve their skills in connecting with people.  Many of them use the internet because they believe it will be simpler and easier. The fact of the matter is learning online  marketing takes longer, has a huge learning curve and has the potential to be more costly than the traditional methods. Does this mean I just don’t like Marketing online? Absolutely NOT!  I just want to be sure you know some secrets that the guru’s know but don’t tell you…

Truth About Online Marketing

Marketing in of itself takes a long time to learn. Identifying your target market and ideal prospect,  attracting people with good copy and creating a website, your email autoresponder messages, hosting and your social media accounts will put a STOP to about 42% of all folks from ever moving forward. If you DO possess skills in the technical department, you might still find challenges on what to communicate to your target prospects to attract them. All of this takes patience, time and determination. Especially if you don’t have mentorship, guidance or a system to follow.

IF you want to get fast results for your online business you will need to move your focus from CHASING to attraction marketing. To get better at attracting more leads and clients you will want to simply get better at just connecting with other human beings and offering greater value. Also, if you offer more value to people you won’t have to get a hundred leads per day just to make a sale. You will convert a whole lot more than that.

Gameplan for Online Marketing Success

1. Make a commitment to create ONE  piece of content everyday but don’t bank on it getting you instant results at first.

2. Connect with 5-10 potential clients or customers every day.  Either on twitter, you tube, Facebook, linkedin. This is a number to aim for if you are working your business part time.  If you are full time – you should be contacting 20-100 per day  IF you have a determination to make good money quickly.

3. Get out and about. Attend any major event that happens for your industry and live events that put you amongst other online marketing experts.  Understand that you don’t need to buy everything, but instead, absorb the knowledge and network with those of success.

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