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Secret Thoughts Women Have About Getting Old!


This is a touchy topic…

I’m writing this to you because I want to address a secret thought you might be having about being too old.  You know some days you feel like you could take on the world, and yet other days you feel that you are waaaay too old to tackle anything challenging or new.

Let me clear the air with some inspirational content on this topic for you!

I will always remember a friend telling me she felt too old to run a marathon at forty five.  Then we watched a local marathon event and you could have rocked the stadium with the cheer that went up as the oldest runner crossed the line who was aged 73.  My point is, what you are telling yourself is in your head.

Are you determined to create the life and business you want, or are you choosing to let the opportunity to pass you by because of secret thoughts of being too old?  It’s an important difference.

Being single, babies, kids, age or even having a spouse can all become excuses to hide behind rather than taking the risk to build a business that excites you and makes you feel alive.

I’m not going to kids you and tell you it’s easy to build a business.  There is also no rule book that says you have to have it built and complete within four months!  If you have children, a full-time job, or both—you still have the power to build a great business.

I’ve always thought of building your own business as one of the most incredible self-empowerment tools on the planet.

The things you have to do physically and mentally to bring it all together are life changing and you should never under-estimate your efforts.

Why take the effort to build your own business?  Because it can give you freedom and flexibility.

Freedom comes from generating as much money as you want so you can do whatever you want when you want to do it!

Here are some tips to handling those little voices that can chatter away in your head and become quite STRESSFULL …. 

1)  Forward planning with mini focus

Set out a year long plan, and then decide on one main focus for each month.  This makes everything very achievable.  Let’s say you want to learn the new skills of creating videos. Do your research and gather your learning materials and study everything closely for one month. Every week create three videos as your main focus.  By the end of the month you’ll have new traffic to your website and offers just through this one new skill.  The more videos you create, the longer people will stay on your website and the more Google juice you get!

2)  Let go of things you can’t do anything about.

If you have kids, family, spouse or other commitments that you need to work around, stop stressing about them.  It could be that you need to set some new boundaries that benefit both the quality of family time you have and your business.  Re-focus on delegating tasks so you can focus on

what’s most important.  Perhaps for six months it’s time to get someone else to do the school run, or the cleaning or shopping so you have some precious time for business building activities and family time.  Your personal life is important and so is your business. If you want your business to be more than a hobby, your business needs to be given the respect it deserves now!

3)  Get out and move!

Many of you know that I love to include physical activity in every day (well six days out of seven at least!).  For me it’s lifting weight at the gym, outdoor running or cycling.   Here’s the truth.  It’s important to get up, get out and just move!  It might seem difficult for you at first but the more you practice, the better you get.  Before you know it you will LOVE being active. It really does fire you up to be mentally alert every day and it relieves stress.  Being active will keep you mentally and physically in shape.

4)   Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Indecision and fear are two forms of self abuse.  They will beat you up and leave you with tonnes of reasons why you should simply do nothing.

To live into your true potential you are going to have to get strong!  Once you take the step past your comfort zone, indecision and fear subside.  You’ve got talent.  You’ve got skills. You can do this – so trust that everything will work out for the best once you make a decision to take yourself out of where you currently are. This could mean taking on a speaking opportunity, moving house or hiring a business coach.

Whatever you are uncertain or fearful about today, make a decision and move toward it now!

5)  Most of all be HONEST with yourself!

You want to be a good example to your kids and your family. If you give up your dreams, you are out of integrity with what you would most likely tell your own children. Don’t live your life for your spouse, your kids, or even your parents.  It’s critical for you to be a shining example for the people you love.  You may need to implement some new boundaries from today. People around you will respect you more once you take a stand to love and respect your desire to build your business.  Everyone around you will be better off when you do so!

Everyone has a desire to do something great with their life.  Some of us know what that is, and others need to scrape some rust off the outside to uncover what is deep inside. Either way, creating your own personally designed lifestyle is a choice, and I suggest that it’s a choice you make soon.  You are never too old and you still have plenty of time to make it happen. Leave me a comment below in the box provided.

Leave me a comment in the box below, and share with your friends if you found this post useful.

Here’s to your success,


Build Extreme Confidence And Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

How do you build extreme confidence and become the unstoppable entrepreneur you were born to be?

I remember when Murray and I got to bring home our beautiful daughter for the first time as a new baby.  There were lots of plans and dreams for what our life might become as a family. At the same time, we were crushed with fear and absolutely no experience of what we needed to do to keep this little person happy and thriving.

As each day passed, it was pushing through the fear of the unknown and experiencing little ‘wins’ along the way that gave us confidence to become great parents.

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Whether you have a new idea for your existing business, or you want to create a brand new business for your existing life, there’s one truth that savvy entrepreneurs know without a doubt, and that is that confidence is key.

In fact, studies show that lack of confidence  is the number one leading excuse for procrastination, for inaction and for failure, and we’ve all been there, and if this sounds familiar and that you consistently wish you were more confident in yourself and be able to create different results, then today will show you how to change that starting right now.

Because LACKING CONFIDENCE can be paralysing for your business . . .  It’s time to get yourself back into action!

Being fearful or lacking confidence can stop you each time you get a new idea.

Confidence can stop even the most passionate entrepreneur from being truly successful on all levels.

It is a myth that as we up-level, as we get more confident and the feeling of fear that can grip you in at the beginning of your business journey will never come back.  I’m here to tell you that is complete baloney!

The fear is still there no matter what level you are at in business.  In fact, if you are doing something fearless, you can be assured you are performing in mediocrity.

Fear is always there, but when you’re at a higher level you’ve often learned how to manage it much better.   The fear doesn’t go away, but when you take action the fear starts to dissipate.  You learn to take action “in spite of”.

Always, what you want is on the ‘other side’.   Once you take action and cross to the ‘other side’, you can see you’ve got the battle wounds, but they’re never as deep as you think they’re going to be.

The key message is you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, and you’ve got to walk right into the fear to make it happen. That’s how you build confidence.

Let’s say you are in start-up mode with your business and you’re scared and your husband doesn’t believe in you.  Your friends think you’re nuts to want to do this. You’ve got a great job but you know there’s this special desire to do something more.

Let’s say you take the lead. You invest in yourself and start making progress.

When you start doing the thing that you’re here to do and you don’t suppress and you take chances and they work, you get confidence. It’s important to really look at all the things you have accomplished each day and find a way to record your accomplishments daily.

When you don’t meet a goal you have set for whatever reason,  goal it’s very easy to beat yourself up, and think, “Man, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to.” But, if you were to go back and say, “Yeah, but here are a hundred things that I did achieve,” it erases that negativity.

Making mistakes is an important step!  I make mistakes. We all do, and when we’re trying to avoid mistakes, we don’t realize how we’re missing the big lesson which is why you have trust there are no mistakes.

It’s like Miles Davis said, “There are no mistakes. There are only lessons.”

You have to experience it a little bit of confidence before you start getting it, which means you have to take action to start getting.

So, the best metaphor I know of is like the riding a bike metaphor where you – when you were a kid, do you remember when you were learning to ride a bike, and maybe you had that one moment that you stayed up for all of about four seconds, but then you toppled over, but in that moment, you got a glimpse of balance. You got a glimpse of your relationship with that thing on the two wheels.


Gaining unstoppable confidence is really about constantly looking at what you did accomplish. What are you triumphs? What did you accomplish today? Look at your testimonials or kind words clients or people have said to you. It’s really about feeding yourself “praise food’.

5 C’s to start your path to Unstoppable Confidence:

  • Clarity:  Write down what it is you want to achieve.  Be clear about the outcomes you want.
  • Commitment:  Commitment means that you commit to yourself and what it is you want to achieve is greater than your commitment to something else such as staying broke, or in a bad relationship, or living an unfulfilling life. You won’t and don’t give up on yourself!
  • Consistency:  Consistency is about revisiting plans over and over. I have a concept that I call re-deciding where you don’t just decide once. You don’t just intend once. But regularly re-decide what you will achieve.
  • Celebration:  Take the time every day to review what HAS gone well, what you did good at, how many things HAVE worked out.  Don’t give time or energy to the negative.
  • Convention: How you do things like getting back up on a bike over and over again. Take action at every opportunity and be prepared to watch for the lessons.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

You can create success for yourself starting exactly where you are right now, and I’m here to help you every step of the way!




Building An Online Business Is Like Driving A Car

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Once you begin your journey into building an online business you very quickly realize there are so many moving parts that go into to creating a profitable online business.  There is all the technical stuff; hosting, widgets, sidebars, footers.  And then there are things like list building, creating a product, joint ventures, autoresponders, affiliate commissions and so much more.  It’s easy to see why so many people give up and never get to realize their dreams.

Can you imagine if you had never learned to drive a car?  Imagine all the places you would never have seen.  All the things you could never have done if you didn’t have a way to drive yourself around?

I want you to think back to when you were learning to drive a car.  Come on, let’s face it – it was hard!  There were so many different things that demanded your attention; which peddles to push and when, gear sticks to move at the right time, mirrors to constantly check in.    These things didn’t stop you from now being able to drive easily and effortlessly though did they?  starting an online business is like learning to drive a car

The same will happen when you persist with all those little things that seem so demanding of your attention while you build your online business.  There will never be a time when you completely stop learning and being outside of your comfort zone, but there will be a time when all those things that seem difficult to you now, will be part of a well oiled system and happen easily and effortlessly.

You can  release yourself from your 9-5 job.  You can create a different future for yourself and your family.  No one said building an online business would be easy – but it is simple and  it can be done!

I’m here to support and help you all the way.

Think – Believe – Create!



Care For Your Customers

Care For Your Customers

I’m sure I’m like most people, I hate to be sold to, but if I getter better service from you than I do from the fellow down the street, I’m going to keep coming back t see you again and again. I don’t even mind if your prices are higher than  other peoples’ because you make me feel important and valued as a customer.
Here’s an example.   A few months back we wanted to upgrade all our televisions to meet the new digital signals.  Neither Murray or I are electronically minded at all – in fact dealing with electronics scares us to death!  On the morning we set off to do our shopping there was not even any discussion on where we would go to buy. 
We went right back to a local distributor who treats us like a long-time friend.  He welcomes us and from past purchases, knows exactly what our set up is.  He completely understands our fear of digital gadgetry, without making us feel inadequate. He knows he can recommend exactly what we will need to meet our needs.  We don’t question his recommendations; he’s proven himself right time and time again already.  Thrown into the deal he will come around to hour home and completely install and set up and stay to explain how everything works and we are completely happy.  
We never feel pressured and he has us as a lifetime customer.

Want the same relationship with your customers? Here are six ways to go about it.

Smile when you’re on the phone

You can hear a smile through the phone!  Anyone in your business who spends time speaking with your customers must have a happy attitude.  No ‘bad days’ allowed!  .

Ask your clients what they want

It like pushing a wheelbarrow up hill if you only ever give your customers what you  think they need, rather than asking them what they want.   When they tell you what they want, then as much as you can, give it to them. Follow this rule and you will always know you are doing the right thing. I often hear people ask me “Do you think I should do x?”  My answer is – ask your customer!  You can survey customers via your email marketing, hold competitions and learn to be a really good listener whenever your customers speak. 

Don’t be stubborn on refunds

“The customer is always right” is a good rule to follow.  If you deal with a complaint or refund pleasantly, and then also go overboard on anything else you can do for the customer to make things right you will build great loyalty.  In fact, people don’t even mind if they are disappointed with a product, if the way their disappointment is dealt with is pleasant.  It’s not difficult to turn unhappy customers into loyal followers who will come back again and again.

Reward customer loyalty

It bugs me when I see businesses offering incentives to attract new clients, yet forget to reward those clients that have been loyal for months on end.  It’s easy to give bonuses, inexpensive rewards and do unexpected “nice” things. In today’s digital world, if you can add some kind of personalization to a purchase, you will increase customer loyalty ten fold.  People are skeptical and appreciate knowing they are doing business with a ‘real’ person.

People love to belong!

One of human natures fundamental needs to feel like we ‘belong’.  Create a community with your customers and make them feel as if they are part of a very special group.  Be aware of ways you can keep them involved in your business.  This can be through social functions, with email messages, cards or special announcements that simply say “we appreciate you.”

Prioritize customer support

One of the quickest ways to develop a long term relationship and show how much you care for your customers is with super customer service support.  This is especially relevant in the online world.  You may have experienced a time when you sent in a ‘support ticket’ only to still be left hanging around for a response days or weeks later without ever having heard a word back.  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in any business.  Treat your customers’ queries with the highest priority and your customers will stay happy.

Be there to truly serve and care for your customers with these small tips and it will make a big difference.


Here’s to your success!

Fay McLean


P.S.  Master your email marketing and you’ll never feel like you are ‘selling’ ever again.

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My Notes From Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jonathan Budd Event: 5 Tips from Top Achievers

My Notes From Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jonathan Budd Event

Ok, so we’re home from the event Unstoppable Entrepreneur and I’m writing today feeling that it’s the first day since getting back from our trip to the USA that I have a clear head.  For some reason (we won’t mention age), it has taken a bit longer to get back into the swing of things but now we’re good to go!

Unstoppable Entrepreneur This was a truly amazing event.  Yes, I spent over $3000 and more than 70 hours in travel to be there but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the little marketing titbits I have learned at no cost..  is that cool? If so, please click the “Like″ button at the very top of this blog, just off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it? OK, proceed to my notes!

All the speakers varied in age, experience and income levels.  But there was a common denominator to them all…. Persistence and determination!

At Unstoppable Entrepreneur there was also lots of talk about Mobile Apps, Facebook, Traffic, Sales Funnels and Mindset.

I’ll share more over time, but today….

5 Tips From Top Achievers…

Build the Plane While You Are Flying It

I first heard this saying from a brilliant marketer Lisa Sasevich.  The concept is that you don’t need to have everything in place before you take action. When you get an idea, start to put it into action immediately. Make yourself accountable by announcing to your community what you are going to do.  It might be a webinar, a presentation, a product or an event. Then the fact that you have placed yourself on a deadline will mean you are much more likely to follow through.

Build A Team

It’s important to recognize that your team is not only a reference to people who you may hire to build your business with you.  It is also your colleagues, your list or community.  It’s about building relationships with lots of people who you can rely on to support and encourage you to achieve your destination.  Alone you will go a short way slowly; with a team you will go far, quickly.  I know which I would prefer!

Include High Ticket Offerings

While many people have made a lot of money selling $9.95 e-books, you should recognize that it is much easier to achieve high income goals if you include a high ticket offering.  There is information you have in your head that other people want!  One of the easiest ways to create a high ticket offering is to offer a VIP day or private mentoring.  You can offer this in any niche extremely successfully.  My very first product ever was a VIP program that I sold for $5995, so you don’t have to wait until you’ve been in business for years before you offer personal or high ticket offers.

Fail Forward

If you focus on implementation and take action quickly you will soon discover that not everything will work out as well as you planned.  But that’s ok!

Taking action and not getting the results you want is still better than taking no action at all.  We all learn very quickly from our mistakes. I hate to burst your bubble… your business will never be perfect. It’s why so many wannabe entrepreneurs go to the grave with their “idea” that’s never fully realized. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t live life with regrets.

Create An Effective Sales Funnel

Which do you think is more important – Product or Traffic or Conversions?

The answer is ALL three are equal.  These three things do not stand alone and if any one part is missing – then you are leaving big dollars on the table.

It doesn’t matter how big your community is or how many people you have on your list – your first priority is to create an effective sales funnel.  You have people opt in to get your information and then you offer at least one product (yours or someone elses).  You track your results and tweak where necessary. THIS my friend is what will build your business.


 P.S. If you would like to have a proven sales funnel working for you, check this out.

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Getting Uncomfortable

This morning my alarm rings off at 5.05am as it does most mornings.  This is when I head out to do a workout; either at the gym, or going for a run or cycle.   But this morning, things didn’t quite work out that way….

We all love being comfortable, cozy and warm don’t we?  And that’s exactly how I felt this morning when I jumped back into my bed instead of doing what I planned to do.

But I’m sure you know as well as I do, that staying comfortable doesn’t always get you what you want.   

You need to constantly step outside your comfort zone and break the barriers if you are to achieve your goals and dreams. Are you prepared to do that?  Or are you happy to be complacent, be comfortable and stick with the results you’ve always gotten?

I’m sure you have heard the definition of insanity..

  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Doing something different doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work harder.  It’s much better to simply work smarter. 

I’m starting to do some paid advertising strategies and place some solo ads.  The reason I’m doing this is because generally when you use free methods of list building the results can be slow and steady (not always a bad thing).  With solo ads, I’m hoping for a bigger ‘gush’ of additional subscribers to my list.  Done regularly, this will build my list much quicker than if I was to only use free strategies.

Being completely transparent, so far my results are less than I had hoped for.  So I will be focusing on testing and tweaking both the offer and the target audience to find the perfect match. (I’ll let you know how it goes.)

Paid advertising is not completely new information to me, but it is a strategy I’ve not used a lot before. So I can honestly say ‘it’s uncomfortable’.

I’m sure you know in your gut that there is something you should be doing that is ‘uncomfortable’ for you.

Perhaps its video marketing? Or maybe writing articles, paid advertising strategies, attending networking meetings or public speaking?

Unless you step out there, face the fear and do it anyway, you’ll never know if it is the one strategy that could build massive momentum for your business.

If you’re someone like me who sets yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, you will need to be constantly stretching your boundaries in order to achieve your desired results.

Are you ready to step up and get uncomfortable?  So what are you going to change?

I’m here to help you every step of the way if you need it.




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