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Build Extreme Confidence And Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

How do you build extreme confidence and become the unstoppable entrepreneur you were born to be?

I remember when Murray and I got to bring home our beautiful daughter for the first time as a new baby.  There were lots of plans and dreams for what our life might become as a family. At the same time, we were crushed with fear and absolutely no experience of what we needed to do to keep this little person happy and thriving.

As each day passed, it was pushing through the fear of the unknown and experiencing little ‘wins’ along the way that gave us confidence to become great parents.

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Whether you have a new idea for your existing business, or you want to create a brand new business for your existing life, there’s one truth that savvy entrepreneurs know without a doubt, and that is that confidence is key.

In fact, studies show that lack of confidence  is the number one leading excuse for procrastination, for inaction and for failure, and we’ve all been there, and if this sounds familiar and that you consistently wish you were more confident in yourself and be able to create different results, then today will show you how to change that starting right now.

Because LACKING CONFIDENCE can be paralysing for your business . . .  It’s time to get yourself back into action!

Being fearful or lacking confidence can stop you each time you get a new idea.

Confidence can stop even the most passionate entrepreneur from being truly successful on all levels.

It is a myth that as we up-level, as we get more confident and the feeling of fear that can grip you in at the beginning of your business journey will never come back.  I’m here to tell you that is complete baloney!

The fear is still there no matter what level you are at in business.  In fact, if you are doing something fearless, you can be assured you are performing in mediocrity.

Fear is always there, but when you’re at a higher level you’ve often learned how to manage it much better.   The fear doesn’t go away, but when you take action the fear starts to dissipate.  You learn to take action “in spite of”.

Always, what you want is on the ‘other side’.   Once you take action and cross to the ‘other side’, you can see you’ve got the battle wounds, but they’re never as deep as you think they’re going to be.

The key message is you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, and you’ve got to walk right into the fear to make it happen. That’s how you build confidence.

Let’s say you are in start-up mode with your business and you’re scared and your husband doesn’t believe in you.  Your friends think you’re nuts to want to do this. You’ve got a great job but you know there’s this special desire to do something more.

Let’s say you take the lead. You invest in yourself and start making progress.

When you start doing the thing that you’re here to do and you don’t suppress and you take chances and they work, you get confidence. It’s important to really look at all the things you have accomplished each day and find a way to record your accomplishments daily.

When you don’t meet a goal you have set for whatever reason,  goal it’s very easy to beat yourself up, and think, “Man, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to.” But, if you were to go back and say, “Yeah, but here are a hundred things that I did achieve,” it erases that negativity.

Making mistakes is an important step!  I make mistakes. We all do, and when we’re trying to avoid mistakes, we don’t realize how we’re missing the big lesson which is why you have trust there are no mistakes.

It’s like Miles Davis said, “There are no mistakes. There are only lessons.”

You have to experience it a little bit of confidence before you start getting it, which means you have to take action to start getting.

So, the best metaphor I know of is like the riding a bike metaphor where you – when you were a kid, do you remember when you were learning to ride a bike, and maybe you had that one moment that you stayed up for all of about four seconds, but then you toppled over, but in that moment, you got a glimpse of balance. You got a glimpse of your relationship with that thing on the two wheels.


Gaining unstoppable confidence is really about constantly looking at what you did accomplish. What are you triumphs? What did you accomplish today? Look at your testimonials or kind words clients or people have said to you. It’s really about feeding yourself “praise food’.

5 C’s to start your path to Unstoppable Confidence:

  • Clarity:  Write down what it is you want to achieve.  Be clear about the outcomes you want.
  • Commitment:  Commitment means that you commit to yourself and what it is you want to achieve is greater than your commitment to something else such as staying broke, or in a bad relationship, or living an unfulfilling life. You won’t and don’t give up on yourself!
  • Consistency:  Consistency is about revisiting plans over and over. I have a concept that I call re-deciding where you don’t just decide once. You don’t just intend once. But regularly re-decide what you will achieve.
  • Celebration:  Take the time every day to review what HAS gone well, what you did good at, how many things HAVE worked out.  Don’t give time or energy to the negative.
  • Convention: How you do things like getting back up on a bike over and over again. Take action at every opportunity and be prepared to watch for the lessons.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

You can create success for yourself starting exactly where you are right now, and I’m here to help you every step of the way!




Create A Simple Marketing Plan That Works


Do you have a simple marketing plan in place, or is this what you’re doing……

You’ve found some time to work on your business and you sit down at your computer ready to make your mark in the world.

1. First, you check your email to see who’s popped into your inbox today.
2. When you’ve checked your email, you go to Facebook.
3. When you’ve seen what everyone is talking about on Facebook you go to your second email account.
4. When you’ve checked your second email account, you go back to your first email to see if there is anything new, even though it’s only been 5 minutes since you were in there last.
5. When you’ve deleted a new junk email here, you go back to Facebook to see what everyone is talking about (again!)…..

Does this cycle sound familiar?

Why is it you do this?

Is it procrastination? Is it overwhelm?

No – it’s because you lack focus.

There is a great saying “What you focus on, expands.” To build your business to a level where it’s bringing you in the monthly income you need to meet your financial goals, you need to FOCUS!

But there’s a catch…. In order to focus, you need to know WHAT to focus on.

Regardless of what stage your business is at you must have a simple marketing plan in place so your business can gain momentum and grow.

Lots of people have long term goals, and this is a good thing. But to know what you are meant to be doing day by day means you need to break those longer goals down into bite size chunks.

I like to recommend that after setting your long term (one year) goals, you break those goals down into 60 day chunks. Then from within each sixty days, you break it down even further into weekly activities, and then further again into daily activities.
simple marketing plan template
Now all you really need to do is focus completely on what you need to achieve TODAY. And when you do that over and over again, you will be charging through the weeks, and the months knowing that every single day you are taking the actions required to meet your longer term goals.

At the end of each 60 day period, imagine how great it will feel to see how many new subscribers you have added to your community, how many new clients you have signed on or how many product sales you have made….

And all because you had a strategic plan to focus on.

What smaller goals do you need to set in order to achieve your 60 day goals?

Too many people fumble through day after day expecting their results to change dramatically.
And then get frustrated, disappointed and annoyed when they still lack of results week after week, month after month.

In fact, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you are not satisfied with your business results right now – you need to get new results.
To get new results, you must work from a strategic plan.

Once you have your plan you must work your plan.

When you work your plan you will transform your life!

So write down for yourself what three things you can do differently in the next 60 days that will get you different results; more clients, more money, increased exposure.

Here are some ideas:

  • Attend a networking event
  • Get a speaking gig
  • Make 20 calls to ideal prospects
  • Create a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Create a joint venture relationship
  • Conduct a webinar or teleclass

When you have listed your top three, then grab out your calendar and write down what smaller goals do you need to set in order to achieve your 60 day goals?

It’s as simple as that ….

– but I’m the first to admit that it’s not always that easy!

Things get in the way. Things like your mindset, your children, you J.O.B., your relationships, and life in general.

These challenges can also be overcome. And that’s when it helps to have an accountability partner or a cheer leader. Someone who is there cheering you on from the sidelines and helping you over the obstacles so you can run the best race of your life.

Don’t live your life by accident – start your own 60 simple marketing plan today!

Here’s a way of establishing whether you have the right strategies to achieve what you want or whether you need to make some changes to keep your dream alive. <Click Here>

Here’s to your success!


P.S. I’m your cheerleader. I’m your accountability partner. I’m here to see you create the best business you possibly can and work with you to develop a solid plan to accomplish your business goals. <Click Here>


Boost Productivity: Stop Busy Energy and Get Stuff Done!


Are you really committed to building a business that is thriving and bursting at the seams with clients?  Or do you just like the concept?  If you are truly dedicated to building a thriving business, then the first thing you’ve got to do is stop wasting your time on tasks that don’t bring in money.

I’ve been fine tuning my own skills in this area over the past few weeks and already I can see how much of a difference it is making to my income figures, as well as my energy levels.

Here’s the raw truth for most business owners.

If you were asked if you were willing to do whatever it takes to set your business up for long-term success—meaning that you and your clients are happy—would you say yes? If so, then I’ll be curious to see what your reaction is and how you feel as you KEEP READING and find out what you actually have to do….

Here’s how it works:

First, take a moment to honestly evaluate your level of commitment as far as wanting to be successful.  How bad do you want to change your financial situation or lifestyle? I want you to really take several moments before you give you response. Because what you want is definitely going to require you to do some things that will take you way out of your comfort zone.  It will involve doing things that you don’t want to do.  In fact, your biggest opportunities for financial improvement will always be found in the places that scare you most.

For instance, if you are anxious or nervous at networking events, then that’s where your money is.

The next thing you’ve got to do is stop wasting time complicating your progress.  This was a BIG lesson for me!  I have stripped away so much from my business in the last six months, and the increase in my results has been amazing.

The more you add into your business, the more overheads you incur, the more overwhelm you will suffer.

Instead, simplify everything you do.  If you’re in the place where you need to earn income NOW, then it’s time to conquer the sales conversation.  Many people who work their business ‘online’, forget all about the gold mine that can be found if you just talk to someone!  In fact, it is virtually impossible to sell to a crowd (online) if you can’t first sell to a single individual.  We have virtual VIP days where we can teach you how to get more clients fast.

If you’re schedule is already bulging with 1-1 clients, then maybe it’s time for you to discover how you can leverage your knowledge and create an online program that can serve more people all at once.  Either way, plan out your next 60 days and have a clear understanding of what you have to focus on.

This will give you a short term milestone to focus on so you can be sure you are constantly making progress in your business.

I see way too many women business owners wasting time on being busy but not producing an end result.  Heck – In the past I’ve been guilty of this too!!  Don’t let it happen to you.  If you procrastinate in your business, then you are either suffering from overwhelm, or there is  an underlying fear causing you to do that.  You can overcome both of these problems by making it your #1 priority today to complete just ONE major task you have been putting off.

The bottom line is, every day you are presented with the opportunity to make decisions and move forward. Don’t waste another valuable moment not getting what you want in life.    Your business should be FUN, and you should be enjoying your life now, not ten years from now.

I’m happy to tell you – there is room in your day for your business schedule, life AND fun – so you don’t feel exhausted and spent at the end of the day.  Let me show you how.

Here’s to your success!


P.S. You will never get to where you want unless you commit to stop wasting time on things that don’t provide you with a means to the life you want.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have to get ready or prepare anymore.  You can write goals down all day, but if you aren’t doing what it takes to reach them, then you need help now!   I have a limited number of complimentary Business Makeover Sessions available if you’d like my help in building your business . Click here to schedule time to get my personal input on how to maximize your  business.


I’ve Been Wasting Time!

I’ve been wasting time!

I’m told it’s a good thing when you can face reality and take responsibility….

Well, I’m here to admit that I have finally taken responsibility for wasting time.

Like many people who work from home, I am at my desk for many hours each day being ‘busy’.

With the recent arrival of our lovely new grand daughter Molly, I am having lots of time away from my business. So when I’m ‘at work’, I want to be even more productive.

After reading Jason Fladlien’s Double Your Productivity For Life I decided to track how I was spending my day for a couple of weeks.

Then suddenly it hit me…. for far too long now I’ve allowed myself to get into the habit of starting my day by casually flipping through my phone messages, checking email and then social media for what’s going on. I’ve realized that although I’m at my desk by 8.30 or 9.00am, I haven’t begun to be productive till around 10.30am.

What a waste of time!!!

If this sounds like you too then here’s a few things that I’ve been implementing (thanks to Jason’s advice) and they sure do work:

  1. Reconnect with the reason ‘why’ you are building your business. This will spur you on to take action to get the results you’re after, rather   than drifting through day by day.
  2. Find a productivity tool to help you organize your projects and tasks.  Some like a simple piece of paper and a ‘To Do’ list.  Don’t go to bed before you have created a list of the most important tasks that need completing the following day.
    Or, if you’re like me, as your business grows you have many projects all on the go at once and need something a little more robust.
    My fabulous Virtual Assistant Ana put me on to an awesome free tool called ‘Trello’. It’s a tool that will organize anything!   In one glance, know what’s being worked on, who’s working on a particular task and when it’s due. This super simple system has made life so much easier. I just love it.
  3. trello for productivityTrack your time usage for a week or two and see where you are losing momentum and where you seem to be most productive.  Everyone has a different body clock and you may find you are most alert and focused at a time of day you least expect.  When you recognize this time, you can maximise it. Schedule your ‘big’ tasks for your productive times.
  4. If you have created a bad habit (like I had) that is a time sucker, the first step is to be completely aware of it.  Next is to strategically work out a plan to avoid that bad habit. For example, I have set myself up a challenge, sort of like playing a game with myself, to see how many mornings I can get started onto my productive time immediately without even opening up emails or social media at all.  I’ve allocated a certain time slot later in them morning where it’s ok to do that stuff.   I’ll give myself a reward depending on what ‘score’ I achieve.  Seems silly I know, but sometimes you have to really focus and be a bit crazy to get what you want!

The more often I stay with the new habit, the less likely I am to go back to the old.
These days, in my keenness to get out and visit Molly each day I’ve been leaping into my office chair each morning with a fire and vigour to get my daily tasks done like you’ve never seen before.

Regardless of whether you have 40 hours or 4 hours to invest in your business, what is more important is how focused you are with that time. When you are in working mode – work. When you are in freedom mode – enjoy yourself!

I hope this was helpful and Jason has even more great ideas on how to increase your productivity if you need them.


How To Write Autoresponders That Get A Response!

Why Do I Need To Learn How to Write Auto responders?

If you don’t know how to write autoresponders this can be an early stumbling block for many people starting to build an online business.

As people visit your website or blog it’s your job to create a way to entice them to give you their email address in exchange for some awesome free content.  This will build you a list of loyal followers and subscribers. Building your list should be one of your top priorities in your business building to write autoresponders for email sequence

If you are not building a list of subscribers from your website or blog then you are already failing!

To use the word failing may seem a little harsh.  But the reality is, your subscribers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the people who connect with you, recommend you, buy from you, promote you and support you.

What is the biggest mistake most successful internet marketers have made?  Most will say they regret not building their list sooner.  You must understand that your list is your biggest asset in your online business.

When someone first lands on your web page or blog, you need a way of exchanging some awesome free content for their email address.  This exchange triggers an automated message from your email service to your visitor’s email inbox.   Within this message you will provide a link to the awesome free content. This process is the start of your Autoresponder Email Sequence.

There are many different email service providers and they all offer different features.  It’s fun to play around with them.  I like to use Aweber as it is easy, simple, cost effective and has great deliverability.

How to Write Autoresponders That Get A Response

Once you have an active subscriber the carefully created content in your  autoresponder email sequence will start to build a strong and trusting relationship with your prospect.

Your autoresponders are a chance for you to connect with your prospect at a deep level.  To let them know you understand their pain, and to provide them with a chance to reach out and connect with you.  A well planned autoresponder email sequence is also a chance to offer your subscriber a product or service that you feel is most suitable to move them from Point A to Point B.

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Learning How To Write Autoresponders….

is not having an autoresponder email sequence at all!

You may think it’s a good idea to reduce the number of emails your prospect is receiving, but in fact it will leave your subscriber feeling unloved, forgotten and before you know it – you will be lost from their mind and they will go shopping for their solution on someone else’s site!

Here are 5 tips which will help you create a great auto responder sequence and build relationships

1. Don’t build a huge list of offers! The best content for your autoresponders will be valuable, free content. Your subscribers are real people. Never forget this. They don’t need to be hit with offer after offer after offer. Yes you can send offers but not all of the time. Focus on relationship building FIRST and offers later on.

2. Your auto responder sequence should be fresh. It’s easy for time to pass and your content to get out of date.  Be sure to check dates attached to any offers you may send out.  Be aware of exactly what you are communicating and what you are promoting.

3. Limit your initial autoresponder email sequence  to around 6 or 7 messages. Limiting your messages will allow you to email your subscribers without the fear of an auto responder messages going out at the same time. If you are running a busy online business or blog such as this one, and you email your subscribers regularly, you don’t need to have a huge auto responder list. Keep it simple.

4. GIVE first, SELL second. Imagine the scene here. You have just subscribed to my blog or free offer of some kind, then bam I hit you with an offer to buy something! How are you going to feel about this? Yes some people will buy, but 90% will unsubscribe before you even get a chance to send another email or auto responder sequence. We are all real people here, treat your subscribers with respect and build trust. I find it helps to imagine you are emailing yourself when compiling email sequences.

5. Build a relationship with your subscribers. The first 2 or 3 email sequences are very important, so you should always start off with some kind of welcome or information on how to get something for free. When it comes to setting up your auto responder sequence think about communicating and building relationships rather than building your bank balance.

i) Compile a welcome email in your first email with some details of where they can access their awesome free content.  Also let them know how to contact you.

ii) In your second email, ask a question which your subscribes can respond to get to know them. Also direct them to your Facebook or Twitter page to get to know them on a social level.

iii) Give something away for free to show your appreciation. People like nothing more than free stuff that helps them improve their business or lifestyle. If you don’t have free content yet, direct them to a previous blog post which provides some really cool info.

iv) When it does come to promoting products, you should always be sure to promote the stuff which works and the products you have used or use. Don’t promote something just because it has a high earning commission.

When it comes to using an auto responder within your business you do need to be mindful about the messages you are sending out to your subscribers. The bottom line is treat them with respect and trust will be earned. Treat them poorly and that respect will be gone as quickly as they subscribed!

What do you think? Do you have a ton of email added to your auto responder sequence? Do have nothing in there at all? How do you communicate with your subscribers?

Learning how to write autoresponders is not difficult and can be one of the smartest marketing tactics you can implement today.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’. Sharing is fun


Building An Online Business Is Like Driving A Car

[youtube] [/youtube]

Once you begin your journey into building an online business you very quickly realize there are so many moving parts that go into to creating a profitable online business.  There is all the technical stuff; hosting, widgets, sidebars, footers.  And then there are things like list building, creating a product, joint ventures, autoresponders, affiliate commissions and so much more.  It’s easy to see why so many people give up and never get to realize their dreams.

Can you imagine if you had never learned to drive a car?  Imagine all the places you would never have seen.  All the things you could never have done if you didn’t have a way to drive yourself around?

I want you to think back to when you were learning to drive a car.  Come on, let’s face it – it was hard!  There were so many different things that demanded your attention; which peddles to push and when, gear sticks to move at the right time, mirrors to constantly check in.    These things didn’t stop you from now being able to drive easily and effortlessly though did they?  starting an online business is like learning to drive a car

The same will happen when you persist with all those little things that seem so demanding of your attention while you build your online business.  There will never be a time when you completely stop learning and being outside of your comfort zone, but there will be a time when all those things that seem difficult to you now, will be part of a well oiled system and happen easily and effortlessly.

You can  release yourself from your 9-5 job.  You can create a different future for yourself and your family.  No one said building an online business would be easy – but it is simple and  it can be done!

I’m here to support and help you all the way.

Think – Believe – Create!



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