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Create A Simple Marketing Plan That Works


Do you have a simple marketing plan in place, or is this what you’re doing……

You’ve found some time to work on your business and you sit down at your computer ready to make your mark in the world.

1. First, you check your email to see who’s popped into your inbox today.
2. When you’ve checked your email, you go to Facebook.
3. When you’ve seen what everyone is talking about on Facebook you go to your second email account.
4. When you’ve checked your second email account, you go back to your first email to see if there is anything new, even though it’s only been 5 minutes since you were in there last.
5. When you’ve deleted a new junk email here, you go back to Facebook to see what everyone is talking about (again!)…..

Does this cycle sound familiar?

Why is it you do this?

Is it procrastination? Is it overwhelm?

No – it’s because you lack focus.

There is a great saying “What you focus on, expands.” To build your business to a level where it’s bringing you in the monthly income you need to meet your financial goals, you need to FOCUS!

But there’s a catch…. In order to focus, you need to know WHAT to focus on.

Regardless of what stage your business is at you must have a simple marketing plan in place so your business can gain momentum and grow.

Lots of people have long term goals, and this is a good thing. But to know what you are meant to be doing day by day means you need to break those longer goals down into bite size chunks.

I like to recommend that after setting your long term (one year) goals, you break those goals down into 60 day chunks. Then from within each sixty days, you break it down even further into weekly activities, and then further again into daily activities.
simple marketing plan template
Now all you really need to do is focus completely on what you need to achieve TODAY. And when you do that over and over again, you will be charging through the weeks, and the months knowing that every single day you are taking the actions required to meet your longer term goals.

At the end of each 60 day period, imagine how great it will feel to see how many new subscribers you have added to your community, how many new clients you have signed on or how many product sales you have made….

And all because you had a strategic plan to focus on.

What smaller goals do you need to set in order to achieve your 60 day goals?

Too many people fumble through day after day expecting their results to change dramatically.
And then get frustrated, disappointed and annoyed when they still lack of results week after week, month after month.

In fact, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you are not satisfied with your business results right now – you need to get new results.
To get new results, you must work from a strategic plan.

Once you have your plan you must work your plan.

When you work your plan you will transform your life!

So write down for yourself what three things you can do differently in the next 60 days that will get you different results; more clients, more money, increased exposure.

Here are some ideas:

  • Attend a networking event
  • Get a speaking gig
  • Make 20 calls to ideal prospects
  • Create a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Create a joint venture relationship
  • Conduct a webinar or teleclass

When you have listed your top three, then grab out your calendar and write down what smaller goals do you need to set in order to achieve your 60 day goals?

It’s as simple as that ….

– but I’m the first to admit that it’s not always that easy!

Things get in the way. Things like your mindset, your children, you J.O.B., your relationships, and life in general.

These challenges can also be overcome. And that’s when it helps to have an accountability partner or a cheer leader. Someone who is there cheering you on from the sidelines and helping you over the obstacles so you can run the best race of your life.

Don’t live your life by accident – start your own 60 simple marketing plan today!

Here’s a way of establishing whether you have the right strategies to achieve what you want or whether you need to make some changes to keep your dream alive. <Click Here>

Here’s to your success!


P.S. I’m your cheerleader. I’m your accountability partner. I’m here to see you create the best business you possibly can and work with you to develop a solid plan to accomplish your business goals. <Click Here>


How To Write Autoresponders That Get A Response!

Why Do I Need To Learn How to Write Auto responders?

If you don’t know how to write autoresponders this can be an early stumbling block for many people starting to build an online business.

As people visit your website or blog it’s your job to create a way to entice them to give you their email address in exchange for some awesome free content.  This will build you a list of loyal followers and subscribers. Building your list should be one of your top priorities in your business building to write autoresponders for email sequence

If you are not building a list of subscribers from your website or blog then you are already failing!

To use the word failing may seem a little harsh.  But the reality is, your subscribers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the people who connect with you, recommend you, buy from you, promote you and support you.

What is the biggest mistake most successful internet marketers have made?  Most will say they regret not building their list sooner.  You must understand that your list is your biggest asset in your online business.

When someone first lands on your web page or blog, you need a way of exchanging some awesome free content for their email address.  This exchange triggers an automated message from your email service to your visitor’s email inbox.   Within this message you will provide a link to the awesome free content. This process is the start of your Autoresponder Email Sequence.

There are many different email service providers and they all offer different features.  It’s fun to play around with them.  I like to use Aweber as it is easy, simple, cost effective and has great deliverability.

How to Write Autoresponders That Get A Response

Once you have an active subscriber the carefully created content in your  autoresponder email sequence will start to build a strong and trusting relationship with your prospect.

Your autoresponders are a chance for you to connect with your prospect at a deep level.  To let them know you understand their pain, and to provide them with a chance to reach out and connect with you.  A well planned autoresponder email sequence is also a chance to offer your subscriber a product or service that you feel is most suitable to move them from Point A to Point B.

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Learning How To Write Autoresponders….

is not having an autoresponder email sequence at all!

You may think it’s a good idea to reduce the number of emails your prospect is receiving, but in fact it will leave your subscriber feeling unloved, forgotten and before you know it – you will be lost from their mind and they will go shopping for their solution on someone else’s site!

Here are 5 tips which will help you create a great auto responder sequence and build relationships

1. Don’t build a huge list of offers! The best content for your autoresponders will be valuable, free content. Your subscribers are real people. Never forget this. They don’t need to be hit with offer after offer after offer. Yes you can send offers but not all of the time. Focus on relationship building FIRST and offers later on.

2. Your auto responder sequence should be fresh. It’s easy for time to pass and your content to get out of date.  Be sure to check dates attached to any offers you may send out.  Be aware of exactly what you are communicating and what you are promoting.

3. Limit your initial autoresponder email sequence  to around 6 or 7 messages. Limiting your messages will allow you to email your subscribers without the fear of an auto responder messages going out at the same time. If you are running a busy online business or blog such as this one, and you email your subscribers regularly, you don’t need to have a huge auto responder list. Keep it simple.

4. GIVE first, SELL second. Imagine the scene here. You have just subscribed to my blog or free offer of some kind, then bam I hit you with an offer to buy something! How are you going to feel about this? Yes some people will buy, but 90% will unsubscribe before you even get a chance to send another email or auto responder sequence. We are all real people here, treat your subscribers with respect and build trust. I find it helps to imagine you are emailing yourself when compiling email sequences.

5. Build a relationship with your subscribers. The first 2 or 3 email sequences are very important, so you should always start off with some kind of welcome or information on how to get something for free. When it comes to setting up your auto responder sequence think about communicating and building relationships rather than building your bank balance.

i) Compile a welcome email in your first email with some details of where they can access their awesome free content.  Also let them know how to contact you.

ii) In your second email, ask a question which your subscribes can respond to get to know them. Also direct them to your Facebook or Twitter page to get to know them on a social level.

iii) Give something away for free to show your appreciation. People like nothing more than free stuff that helps them improve their business or lifestyle. If you don’t have free content yet, direct them to a previous blog post which provides some really cool info.

iv) When it does come to promoting products, you should always be sure to promote the stuff which works and the products you have used or use. Don’t promote something just because it has a high earning commission.

When it comes to using an auto responder within your business you do need to be mindful about the messages you are sending out to your subscribers. The bottom line is treat them with respect and trust will be earned. Treat them poorly and that respect will be gone as quickly as they subscribed!

What do you think? Do you have a ton of email added to your auto responder sequence? Do have nothing in there at all? How do you communicate with your subscribers?

Learning how to write autoresponders is not difficult and can be one of the smartest marketing tactics you can implement today.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’. Sharing is fun


Building An Online Business Is Like Driving A Car

[youtube] [/youtube]

Once you begin your journey into building an online business you very quickly realize there are so many moving parts that go into to creating a profitable online business.  There is all the technical stuff; hosting, widgets, sidebars, footers.  And then there are things like list building, creating a product, joint ventures, autoresponders, affiliate commissions and so much more.  It’s easy to see why so many people give up and never get to realize their dreams.

Can you imagine if you had never learned to drive a car?  Imagine all the places you would never have seen.  All the things you could never have done if you didn’t have a way to drive yourself around?

I want you to think back to when you were learning to drive a car.  Come on, let’s face it – it was hard!  There were so many different things that demanded your attention; which peddles to push and when, gear sticks to move at the right time, mirrors to constantly check in.    These things didn’t stop you from now being able to drive easily and effortlessly though did they?  starting an online business is like learning to drive a car

The same will happen when you persist with all those little things that seem so demanding of your attention while you build your online business.  There will never be a time when you completely stop learning and being outside of your comfort zone, but there will be a time when all those things that seem difficult to you now, will be part of a well oiled system and happen easily and effortlessly.

You can  release yourself from your 9-5 job.  You can create a different future for yourself and your family.  No one said building an online business would be easy – but it is simple and  it can be done!

I’m here to support and help you all the way.

Think – Believe – Create!



Get More Leads, Sign-Ups and Sales!

Get More Leads, Sign-Ups and Sales!

I want you to think about your friends for a minute…..

How do you communicate with your friends? 

Do you get excited to tell them when new things are happening? 

Do you like talking about exciting places you can go together?  

If they are stuck or in trouble, are you happy to offer a lending
hand or give them something that will help them get unstuck?  

Do you have friends that you talk to several times a week?

If you are anything like me, you probably said ‘yes’ to all of these questions.

For some reason, people feel that this is an ok way to communicate
with their friends, and then when it comes to their online business and
sending out email broadcasts, they feel uncomfortable repeating these
same kinds of actions.
It’s my guess you’ve gone into business because you have a message
you want to share.  You enjoy helping others in your area of interest.
I have no doubt you have heard these comments before; the money is
in the list AND in the relationship you build with your list. 
And I have to tell you – it’s true!!
I know for me it can be hard too make new friends.  I meet new
acquaintances all the time, but I mean a really good friend. 
And when I do, I treat them very special.
It’s the same as you build your prospect list.  It takes time, energy
and money to build your email list for your online business.  And no
matter whether your list is just 10 or 1000, it’s important that you
treat them like your very best friends.
If you think of your followers in this way, you’ll find it easy to tell them
about an event that is on. It will be natural for you to share a product
that will be great for them. You won’t hesitate to offer your services so
they can get unstuck. 
This style of communication takes all the ‘selling’ away, and instead
focuses on how you can help your list (your new friends). 
I trust my friends to the end of the earth, and if they recommend me
something then I take that very seriously.  When you develop this
same type of relationship with your list you will be able to make
offers to them and they will trust you.
You will be helping more people.  
You will make more money.

It’s a win-win!

Don’t underestimate the power of being able to send out an email,
go off to bed and then wake up in the morning to see new money
in your bank account. It’s a fabulous feeling and it’s one that is within
your reach too.
It’s time you started communicating for profits!
Have yourself an amazing day and week! 🙂 
P.S.  If you’re not making money from your list right now, then you’re
doing  something wrong!
Join us here so see steps ANYONE can follow and take your business
to a whole new level with the best hand holding and accountability
you’ve ever seen!
Here’s to your success!

Getting Uncomfortable

This morning my alarm rings off at 5.05am as it does most mornings.  This is when I head out to do a workout; either at the gym, or going for a run or cycle.   But this morning, things didn’t quite work out that way….

We all love being comfortable, cozy and warm don’t we?  And that’s exactly how I felt this morning when I jumped back into my bed instead of doing what I planned to do.

But I’m sure you know as well as I do, that staying comfortable doesn’t always get you what you want.   

You need to constantly step outside your comfort zone and break the barriers if you are to achieve your goals and dreams. Are you prepared to do that?  Or are you happy to be complacent, be comfortable and stick with the results you’ve always gotten?

I’m sure you have heard the definition of insanity..

  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Doing something different doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work harder.  It’s much better to simply work smarter. 

I’m starting to do some paid advertising strategies and place some solo ads.  The reason I’m doing this is because generally when you use free methods of list building the results can be slow and steady (not always a bad thing).  With solo ads, I’m hoping for a bigger ‘gush’ of additional subscribers to my list.  Done regularly, this will build my list much quicker than if I was to only use free strategies.

Being completely transparent, so far my results are less than I had hoped for.  So I will be focusing on testing and tweaking both the offer and the target audience to find the perfect match. (I’ll let you know how it goes.)

Paid advertising is not completely new information to me, but it is a strategy I’ve not used a lot before. So I can honestly say ‘it’s uncomfortable’.

I’m sure you know in your gut that there is something you should be doing that is ‘uncomfortable’ for you.

Perhaps its video marketing? Or maybe writing articles, paid advertising strategies, attending networking meetings or public speaking?

Unless you step out there, face the fear and do it anyway, you’ll never know if it is the one strategy that could build massive momentum for your business.

If you’re someone like me who sets yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, you will need to be constantly stretching your boundaries in order to achieve your desired results.

Are you ready to step up and get uncomfortable?  So what are you going to change?

I’m here to help you every step of the way if you need it.




Fiverr Gigs: The Best This Year

Many online business owners make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves.

WordPress setup, Graphic design, eCover design. Facebook Fan Page Creation. Twitter Background. Tech Support. Transcription. Video Submissions. Press Release Submissions. And sooooo much more.

You simply can NOT do it all yourself.

Not if you want to create a successful business quickly, rather than at a snail pace.

Fortunately, there are sites like Fiverr where you can start outsourcing VERY affordably.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into outsourcing, Fiverr is one of the best places to start.

Here you will find someone to do everything from video submissions, article writing, link building, press release submission, video intros and more! Gone are the days when you have to have a long term contract and pay a fortune for hired help.

You may remember that I’ve mentioned the focus for my business this quarter is list building. This means getting my message out there in the market to as many places as possible, and as quickly as possible.  I’m not interested in slow growth.

And in this article I’m going to share with you some my all-time favorite Fiverr gigs. Many of them I am using right now to get my marketing message out quickly and effectively.

Without a doubt, there are some doozies on Fiverr, so I want to share these so you don’t have to spend hours wasting your time scouring through hundreds of gigs and reviews.

This short list from Kim Roach includes the very best Fiverr gigs for the online business owner and blogger…

1. Press Release Submission

fiverrManual Submission to the Top 35 press release sites.

This is one of the best gigs on Fiverr with over 3,000+ Positive reviews. Nishmeh will manually submit your press release to the top 35 press release sites online.

Press releases are one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks. Plus, they send some great traffic as well 🙂 Win-Win!!


2. Slide Sharing Sites

fiverrManual submission to the top 12 slide sharing sites.

Submit your Powerpoint presentation to top sites like,, and These are great sites for high PR backlinks AND exposing your
content to a completely new audience.

This is one of the best providers on Fiverr and she provides a spreadsheet with login info and live links.


3. Document Sharing Sites:

fiverrManual Submission to the top 15 Document Sharing Sites

This ‘Top-Rated’ provider will manually submit your doc/PDF file to the top document sharing sites like Scribd, Docstoc, Issuu, and Calameo. She’ll even create your accounts.

The PDF doc must include anchor links so that you gain extra link juice and get extra traffic 🙂


4. SmashWords Prep:

fiverrFormat Your Ebook for Smashwords to pass AutoVetter

There’s a little-known site online called that can get you a LOT of
extra traffic and exposure for your website. However, their formatting specifications
to be accepted into their premium catalog are pretty tedious. Many people have
spent hours pulling their hair out trying to get it just right.

Fortunately, Fiverr has someone that can do it all for you!

Check out his 100+ RAVING testimonials

5. Video Submission:

fiverr Manual submission to over 30 high ranking video sites.

Lance will submit your video across the web to popular video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Viddler. He also provides a detailed Excel report with all video placements and links. Top Gig! (1,800+ Positive Reviews)

Here’s another Highly-Rated gig that does manual submission to 15 high PR video sites.

And one last provider… just to give you a few options 🙂

This gig provides manual submission to over 30+ top video sharing sites online. It comes with a complete report with login details and live links.

6. Transcription:

fiverr Transcribe 15 minutes of audio for $5. This is one of the BEST transcribers on Fiverr. You can transcribe conference calls, presentations, live voice mail messages, interviews etc…

Another great option is He does 6-minutes of transcription for $5 and has great quality.


7. Caricatures:


Some of the BEST Caricatures online for just $5!

Looking for a way to get the attention of any potential joint venture partner.

Send your JV partner a personalized video along with one of these personalized caricatures. Guaranteed to get their attention!