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You CAN Get Exactly What You Want!

Yes it’s true – you CAN get exactly what you want….


I’ve had to learn this the hard way myself. When I was in my early twenties, I was a good 20 kilos heavier than what was healthy for me. As much as I would moan and groan about not fitting into the latest fashions or being as slender as others, nothing changed until I took personal responsibility for my situation. When I made the decision to take the right action – boom – I got the results I was after Sure, there have been periods of time where my results have been better than others and, I choose to consistently do what it takes to maintain these results.

You cannot complain about something you’re not willing to do.

What I mean by this is that you can’t complain about not having a bigger income when you know there are some things you meed to do to get it, that you are not doing.

This relates to other things in your life too.

Quite simply, if you are not doing the work, you can’t expect to get the results.

This is actually what we can refer to as personal responsibility.

Perhaps for you it’s a relationship you don’t like or you feel that you’re in a terrible financial state. It’s easy for us to have circumstances that we are less than happy with when we aren’t taking personal responsibility in taking massive action on the opportunities that show up.

When you have a strong desire for something to be different in your life, opportunities will show up when you ask and believe.

This is when it’s important to take action in spite of whatever else is going on for you.

When you take massive action then you have personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is being in control of the results that you create in your life.

It is sometimes a hard thing to accept, but the fact is that you create every result that you have in your life. In your business, your level of income and even the kind of relationships you have. The actions you take or the actions you don’t take, create your current reality.

The difference lies in being willing to do what others are not willing to do.

You might even know some people who are unwilling to do the work to uplevel your results.

What would it mean for you to play a much bigger game in your  business and your life? The more people you attract to work with you, the more money you make and the bigger difference you can make to other people’s life.

How do you show up in your business in relation to taking action?

  1. Complacent. Always putting action steps on the back-burner and saying you want things to be different, but not focused or determined to take action.
  2. Slow and Steady – This person has the attitude of ‘slow and steady’ will win the race. or, “You can’t take things too quickly you know.” Gets distracted easily and often concerned more about what results others are achieving, than getting on with it and achieving results for themselves.
  3. An action taker. You are always looking to take action. Seeking ways to grow and do things more effectively. Achieving exceptional results in your life and your business.

The difference between each of these types of people is being willing to do what others aren’t willing to do.

In my opinion, if you’re going to do it anyway, you may as well do it right, and do it well.

So what stops you from taking massive action?

It’s always excuses that will get in the way of you taking massive action. They’re destructive when it comes to playing a bigger game.

There are several types of excuses that I hear come up all the time. heck, I should know. After all, I’ve used many of them myself over the years. When you see opportunities come by you to make more money, you might make excuses why you can’t take up that opportunity.

Most people use “I can’t afford it”. Perhaps you’ve said that too when an opportunity has come up to attend a program or work with a mentor. The person who says this is saying ‘no’ to the opportunity they were seeking. then next week, they will turn around and book a holiday or buy a flat screen TV. This ‘I can’t afford it’ is nonsense. You will always find the means to do what is priority for you.

“I don’t have time.” This is also baloney. You can find the time. If your biggest dream was ready to be made a reality, and you had to travel to the other side of the world to ‘cash it in’, would you say “Fay, I don’t have time to go and get that”? I doubt it. Most people would say, “I’ll  clear my calendar so I can get the time to go and get that!”

When you say you do have the  time, you are choosing not to use your time to perform certain activities.

“It works for them, but it wouldn’t work for me.” This is all about your determination, focus and implementation. Everybody implements at a different rate, and if you are following a proven system, where you can see a variety of other people getting good results, then there is no reason why, if you follow the steps, you won’t achieve great results too.

These are all excuses and many more that you may use to not uplevel your results.

This is a moment in your life where you can decide to take a different course of action. Do you want it? I recommend taking massive action.

You’ve got opportunities in your life now. Use them.

It comes down to being WILLING to act differently. It’s not just thinking differently, it’s about taking bold and decisive action toward what you say you want in your business or your life. It’s about saying YES to what’s possible for you. Saying YES to the opportunities that are given to you. And then taking action. Your business, your life, your in-come will never be the same. I promise you that.

Here’s a great opportunity for you to take action on as well. If you’ve been searching for answers to earn what you are worth, I take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of earning way more money from your coaching business. Take a moment to watch this high content video that explains it all ==> Click Here <== No more excuses!

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Writing Blog Post Content That Grabs Your Readers Attention


Writing Blog Post Content That Grabs Your Readers Attention

Are you frustrated that your posts fail to attract readers, comments and shares?

It can be very discouraging to produce content day in and day out if it does not get the attention it deserves.

Your goal should be that prospects are drawn to your blog like bees to a honey post.

I want to share 7 fabulous ways to spice up your posts, and get more of their attention:


Your headline should create interest and curiosity. You want prospects to be so curious that they can’t resist reading your content.  You will lose your visitors if your headline isn’t enticing or compelling enough.

2.Opening Paragraph

Imagine the disappointment you would feel if you read a killer headline, and then the following paragraph failed to follow through on that momentum.

After the title, your opening paragraph is the second most important part of your blog.

A great headline mixed with a lame opening is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door in their face as they approach. Can you imagine that?

So, open your blog posts with a bank –  tell your readers what they can expect, give them reasons to read your content, so they keep reading.

3. Formatting

Long paragraphs with no change in formatting will send your reader numb.  Use formatting such as bold, italic, and underline wisely to help with the flow of reading. The size of the font should also be suitable for people to read, without having to have their glasses case handy all the time.

4. Language

You need to make every sentence and word work for you. Cut out unnecessary words and phrases. Use everyday language. Short, simple words can convey your points far more effectively than grandiose, convoluted ones.  In fact, the readability of your blog, should be suitable for a 12 year old (even if you are writing to doctors, lawyers or other professionals).

Your subscribers will not be interested in referring to a dictionary every time they read your posts.

5. Internal Linking

You also need to link to your other relevant posts to help your readers visit more of your blog and also help Google find you other related posts and get them ranked as well so you can get more free traffic.

6. Images

Images make posts look colourful, attractive, interesting and even entertaining. Always go for funny or cute pictures. People love them.

Here is a top tip: make your images link to your capture page, fan page or another page or post. Why? Because people like clicking on images. So you could direct them to your money making pages other authority posts.

7. Solve Your Readers’ Problems

Your readers are more interested in posts which solve their problems. Study your niche and get to know your audience so you can know what their common worries and struggles are. You can use these in your posts, by empathising with how they feel and by sharing some solutions.

Blog Post Writing – The Common Trend

Here is the thing… beginner bloggers usually get excited about their brand new, stunning blogs with cool graphics and all that.

Some new bloggers get obsessed with the design and all the nice stuff, not realising that’s not what makes a blog successful.

Being excited with the idea of blogging they start writing a few posts consistently and them boom! They run out of the steam, hit the wall and then get writer’s block.

Now, even those who have been blogging for a while, go through the same thing every now and then.

They abandon their blogs and make excuses for not coming up with fresh blog post ideas to share with their readers.

A fact is, a blog without content is dead, it will not attract regular visitors, subscribers and customers. No one will take you seriously if you don’t provide content.

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To Develop a Millionaire Mind, Drop These 3 Habits

While so many people continue to dream of hitting the million dollar  mark, its one place you can’t get to without having the mind of a millionaire. Unless of course you win the lottery or marry into a royal family as a way to gain instant triumph.

Today’s post looks at 3 of the most common things that people do that prevents them from ever achieving financial abundance and long term wealth.

Drop Habit #1 – No One Gave Me What I Needed…

“Life is not fair; get used to it.”
– Bill Gates

“No one helped me, nor did I think at any time that it was anyone’s duty”
– Ayn Rand

This may be the most common thing that I hear from people wanting to have success. This type of declaration is a justification. ANYTIME, and I mean, anytime, you blame your lack of achievement on ANYTHING or ANYONE other than yourself, you…will…fail. No one gave you what you needed…. Boo-Hoo! Get over it. NO ONE except YOU is responsible for your success. Not only will people NOT help you but there will be those who conspire AGAINST you! Do you think your family and friends want to see you reach incredible success? Unfortunately, they don’t. If you are to succeed, gaze in the mirror and there you will see the one and only resource you can truly count on, IF, you work at developing the mind of a millionaire.

Drop Habit #2 – You Have No Idea What I’ve Been Through…

“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination. “
– Christopher Columbus

Notice Columbus gives you the idea that you WILL have obstacles and distractions. He doesn’t say IF you have obstacles and distractions. It’s the difficult parts of life that you often learn from the most. Anyone who has achieved any level of success will tell you, it has not been without challenge to get there. It’s when things are plentiful and going smoothly that you learn the least. But what happens, is most people have a series of things that go against them and then conclude that their success was only a fluke or one off occasion. In fact, your circumstances are not what will stop you from success, it will only be YOU that can stop you.

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

When I was training for my triathlons, I remember my coach telling me once “Fay, when you are hurting, everyone else is hurting too.  It’s how you react to that feeling that will determine your place in the race.” Are you feeling it tough in today’s economy? Congratulations! Welcome to the majority. If you’re feeling it tough, so are most of the people around you.  Its how you choose to react that will determine your outcome.  If you focus on your pain and continually tell your story of woe, you won’t find anything gets any better. You know how annoying it can be to hear people tell a story over and over – they start to sound like a broken record. Well I bet people around you are sick of hearing about your woes too. Stop telling them, and change the record!

Drop Habit #3 – They Don’t Deserve It…

Some people find fault like there is a reward for it.”
– Zig Ziglar

A relevant pop-psychology book from the 1980’s is If I’m So Successful, Why Do I Feel Like A Fake, subtitled The Imposter Syndrome, by Judith Bardwick. The core message of this book is that some very successful people feel like fakes because they don’t think they deserve their success and they live in fear of being found out. The real problem is that most people seem to think the success of others has come too easily for them.  Instead of recognizing their strengths and being happy for them, they will quickly explain why that person got to where they are now.

If you choose to keep pointing out the faults of those who have the lifestyle, relationships or money you desire, by separating yourself in this way, you are telling yourself that you don’t want what they have and guess what – you will never get it!

Developing the mindset of a millionaire means constantly creating a feeling of abundance. Thinking, acting and feeling all the things you dream of having will push you towards your dreams. Enjoy being amongst others who have achieved the success you desire.

The key is to take the inspiration you get from reading or listening to others who are more successful than yourself. Ensure your aspirations are realistic and stay focused on your goals.

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Boost Your Google Rankings with This Simple 5 Step Checklist

If you want to learn to make money online, you need to also learn how to get friendly with Google!  The most trafficked site on the planet is Google… and if you can find a way to get your business listed within the top 10 search results (on page 1), this will drive loads of ideal prospects to your lead capture pages, websites and blog.

Your first task is to spend some time doing a bit of keyword research. This will serve as a good foundation for all the blog posts, articles or videos you create. This way you will get maximum exposure and be found by hundreds and thousands of people as they use the most popular search engine around.

If you need to set up your first Google account you can go here:

Here are 5 easy steps to making your way into top search rankings:

Step #1 Do Your Keyword Research: You’ve probably heard this time and time again. The question is though – have you done it recently?   This step is essential is you want to learn to make money online. There are several tools to help you research popular keywords. I like using a combination of Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai.

Some guidelines to follow are to look for words or phrases that have low competition (less than 100,000 SEOC), but are also getting a minimum of 10 clicks. This is the number of clicks you could expect per day if you were positioned in the top placing on Google.

Step #2:  Write and Publish Blog Posts: Select one or two keywords from the list you have created in Step #1.  Don’t focus on more than one or two for any individual post or article.  Write a post that includes your keywords or phrases about every 100 words. Your post should ideally be around 400 words long. Create a trackable link using Google url builder, or hypertracker).  Use this trackable link to link your image and call to action at the end of your post to your opt in page.  Install the All in One SEO Pack Plug-in to optimize your posts by including your target keywords into the title, description and keywords area.

Step #3 Spread Your Article Around: The more places you can put your post the more likely it is to be found by people searching for your targeted keywords which will help your rankings.  The first place of course, is to place it onto your own website.  Then you can use an article submission tool or select to simply manually upload your article to 4 or 5 of the main authority article sites such as or

Step #4 Submit Your Post to Social Media Sites: Now that you have your post or article uploaded onto your own website, and have submitted it to the main article directories, it’s time to send links to other major social media sites.  Post a comment on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter as well as send your post to any groups you are connected to on LinkedIn.  But don’t stop there. There is enormous power by adding your post to sites such as, Stumble Upon and Technorati.  These sites have incredible traffic and can be great sources of massive lead generation.  These sites are all free to create an account and add content to.

Step #5:  More Google Juice With Backlinks: In short, backlinks are incoming links to a website from another site.  The more backlinks you can create the stronger your ranking position will be.  As well as the social media sites, research other well visited sites in your niche or industry where you are able to comment, post or add value.  For search engines, backlinks are a way to see which sites are recommending one another and play a key role in calculating a sites’ ”rank”.  When you are trying to get more links to your site, the first thing you will want to do is find other sites that are talking about things that are similar to you.

Create several new blog posts or articles each week and follow this simple routine each time and you will find yourself jumping up in the Google rankings for many of your niche related keywords, driving more traffic and creating massive lead generation for your business.  This is just one success factor when you learn to make money online!

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The Best Home Business Models That Never Fail When Done Right



It’s really can be relatively easy making money on the web. What are important are the decisions you make when choosing the ideal business model. Sadly, this decision process is often neglected.

Where are you at now? Are you struggling making money on the web? Are you spending loads of time, energy and money looking for a good business opportunity online? How much time do you want to be working on and in your business each day/week?  Do you want to work from home?  Do you need to be able to work from any location?

By now, it’s likely you are aware that there are many ways of making a great income using online strategies.  Some have different disadvantages and advantages than others.

Here are some of the most successful internet business models.

  1. Sell Your Own Information: There has been an incredible rise in information products like e-books, online training and video tutorials sold as a way of making money on the web in recent years.  This has become a good business opportunity for anyone who is an expert on any topic that helps other people to solve a problem.  If this is you, then this is the most successful online business model for you. It is inexpensive and easy to create your own information products. As your business grows, there is a point where your expenses increase as you add team members to manage the client load and administrative and management tasks. You should have a clear vision for what you want your business to look and how committed you are to long term growth if you include selling your services personally into group programs and masterminds.
  2. Blogging: For people who love to write, blogging can be a very successful business model. Blogging is not as easy as affiliate marketing. Because you are relying on driving traffic to your blog, it might be that at first you earn very little. As your followers grow and you become more skilled at driving traffic to your blog, you can make many thousands of dollars using this method of making money on the web.  It’s a very flexible business and can be worked from any location.  Your returns will depend on how much time and effort you devote to your online blogging. You can be very creative with a blogging business model when you research and write about topics that you have a great interest for. Spend some time researching your topic first to be sure that people are already buying information on your blog topics. It all depends on how you start, how you keep working and how long you can devote your time and effort to your online blogging business.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the easiest and best ways of making money on the web.  I recommend and use it personally to earn money on line. This is where you can make money by selling other people’s products. You are given your own personal affiliate link to promote and then you earn a commission each time people buy through your affiliate link. This is one of the best home business models because it involves less hard work and less investment compared to some other models. It is really very easy to start and can be how to get cash quickly. I prefer to only recommend products I have purchased or use myself.  I think the products you promote should have a good customer service. After all, it is your reputation on the line when you recommend products to others. Personally, I take that very seriously and would not risk my reputation by recommending shonky products.
  4. Sell Physical Products: Personally I am yet to try this as a business model. I’ve only sold some personal items on eBay – and even that was very profitable. This model can be how to get cash quickly from selling physical products on eBay or your own on line shopping store.  There is less sales copy, reviews and testimonials involved when you sell a physical product compared to selling digital products. You do need to be available to ship the product promptly so that you keep a good reputation with your customers.

Which is the best home business model would you recommended for newbie?

Whenever I get asked this question, I recommend affiliate marketing and selling your own information. You can easily start them with very little investment and without too much preparation.

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Do You Have A Lead Capture Page?


Are you leaving thousands of dollars on the table?

I was conducting a marketing seminar a couple of years ago and I asked the question “How many people know exactly who is visiting their website?” I remember one lady as she chimed in saying “I have Google Analytics so yes, I know exactly how many hits I have and where they come from.”

After congratulating her on having the tracking statistics I went on to explain that knowing the number of ‘hits’ was of absolutely no use if she wasn’t capturing the visitors or prospects’ email information and name.  This is the only way she is able to develop a list of people who are interested in her product, and to continue to market to them.

It’s one of the most basic strategies for successful online marketing, yet one I still see so many people not using.

The process is what’s called a Lead Capture Page.  It can also be referred to as a Squeeze Page but they all serve the same function.


If someone lands on your website, we can safely assume that they have an interest in something to do with the information you have.

The sole purpose of a Lead Capture Page is to collect the name and email address of someone who may be interested in your product or service. In other words, the main purpose of your Lead Capture Page should be to generate a lead..

A good Lead Capture Page is usually a one page site with some intriguing copy that encourages the visitor to fill out the form, commonly called an ‘opt in form’, with their name and email address and request more information. When a new prospect fills out the opt in form on your website with their name and email address, they can then be automatically directed to another page to receive the information they requested.

If you then connect an Autoresponder system to this opt in form, you can continue to provide your  prospects with additional information about your product or service through a series of automated follow-up messages.

You can generate more opt in leads by giving away something free in exchange for a prospect’s contact information such as a free report or free download. This is often the bit that prevents most people from taking action to create their lead capture page.   This free report doesn’t have to be an enormous long report.  In fact short, concise, useful information is best. The information should be about what your prospects want most.  You might choose to create a 5 or 7 step video series instead of a written report.  Videos are proving to be converting well at the moment.

If we look at the page as a whole; an effective Lead Capture Page will have an emotion grabbing headline, some short body copy or bullet points, and a Call to Action. This page should have all the components of what is known as the AIDA formula:

A     Attention

I       Interest

D     Desire

A     Action

The Call to Action is the text that is used to get the prospect to request more information.

Once again, the main purpose of the Lead Capture Page is to .Generate A Lead..

If you do not have one, it is time to get one! …


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