Have You Played Lately!

Business is Fun!

Have you played lately?

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were doing something that was just not any fun at all.

I know that sometimes when I sit at my desk I’m tearing my hair out when faced with technical challenges or things aren’t always going as I would like them to.  But the reason I ‘m happy to work on my business for long hours is that I really enjoy it.  In fact, if someone asks me if I am ‘working’ today, I hesitate to say yes, because my online business never really feels like ‘work’.

Can you say ‘Business is fun?”

I had a coaching call with my client Joanne.  I would call Joanne a ‘newbie’.  She’s been way outside of her comfort zone ever since deciding to start her online ventures.  During our last conversation Joanne said, “You know Fay, there are so many things that are difficult, but this is SO MUCH FUN!”

She’s excited about being able to blog. She’s excited to learn how to market. She’s excited to be able to extract herself from her everyday job and spend time on her new business.  Joanne sits in the corner of the cafeteria at lunch time and writes her blog posts.  Joanne is having fun and feels like her life has been rejuvenated because she’s doing what she loves.

It’s rare that you don’t come across things that challenge you as your business grows.  For most people, it’s technical stuff.  Or perhaps your challenge is trying to decide what you should be spending your time on.  There’s always the frustration of feeling like you never have enough time to get everything done.

These are different feelings compared to feeling that everything in your business is a constant grind.  If that’s how your business feels here’s what you may want to consider:

  • Whether entrepreneurial life is for you
  • Perhaps you need to change your niche; or
  • Find a coach or support group that will inspire and motivate you

Ways to keep the ‘fun’ in your business

  • Build your business on the foundation of something you have an intense interest in
  • Get excited and being able to share your knowledge and help others
  • Constantly set yourself new goals and targets to reach

Life is too short to be doing anything you really don’t enjoy.  One of the major benefits of having your own business is that you get to choose how you spend your time. So although you may find the journey a little bumpy at times, be sure to stop and smell the roses and have FUN.  I’ll guarantee you’ll be more productive in the end!!

I appreciate you being part of my community that allows me to have so much fun.


P.S.  You can spend the day with me planning how to make your business more fun!

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