Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back In Business

You have thousands of beliefs, both positive and negative, that cause you to perceive and act a certain way.  What you cannot-and must not-do is think positively but believe negatively.   That is a recipe for disaster because the effects of your beliefs are extremely powerful. Your beliefs determine what you do on a day to day basis.  Your beliefs about your self worth will determine your business plan and ultimate wealth, just as your beliefs about your health and nutrition determine your appearance.

Many people come to realize at some point in time, that they do not have to do what their parents did before them, or carry on a long held business plan that is no longer effective.  Making these new choices requires you to truly listen to yourself, consult your own wisdom.  When you decide to go ‘another’ way, there comes a sense of maturity and responsibility in your choice.

As you take hold of new information on ways to do business, ways that challenge your old beliefs or traditions, embrace the opportunity to learn something new.  Some may decide to go back to tradition, however, if you challenge yourself in your comfort zone you will find amazing opportunities to create avenues of new income streams that you never knew were possible.

Here are the three main beliefs that hold most small business owners back from achieving their long term business plans of more money and personal freedom:

  1. You have to chase around and spend heaps of money to attract new clients. Many people in business still spend a fortune on advertising, particularly in newspaper and other print material.  This can often stretch into the thousands of dollars, and what is worse, is that the business often has no system in place at all for tracking the effectiveness of their advertising.It is much more effective, both from client attraction and cost, to be seen to attract your clients rather than chase them.  Effective print advertising relies heavily on the copyrighting to be done from the perspective of what the client wants as a benefit of your product or service, rather than what it is you have to sell to them.  How to write effective copy is another subject all of its own that I will cover another time.
  2. You work on an hourly rate or set price.  This is something that goes out the window as you develop a uniqueness about your product or service.  I help my clients to find a uniqueness about their business or service and we work together to put together packages and products that cannot possibly be compared to a competitor in their market on price alone.  If price is the only comparison that you give your clients, that is what they will use to make their decision.  However, if you ‘package’ your services in a unique way, you will soon start to stand out from the crowd and be the obvious solution to a clients’ problem.  This makes an hourly rate become a thing of the past and you can start to charge what you are really worth for your services.
  3. Your ‘work for time’ is the only income stream. While you continue to work hours for dollars, you will find that as your business increases, you will be at risk of burn out  very quickly and have no time to enjoy all the fabulous things you would really like to be doing.  Often our beliefs mean that we see no other way of earning income than hour by hour.  Almost every business entrepreneur has the opportunity to turn either their knowledge or products and services into leveraged products that can then earn them income over and over again, having created them just the once.

I wonder what are the beliefs that are holding you back?  I bet that together we can find a new belief that will serve you better!  Leave a comment and let me know.

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