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About Fay McLean

Fay McLean is a ‘quiet achiever’; a marketing strategist, business coach, co-author, speaker and LinkedIn Strategist.

Her specialty is in empowering others to create their own prosperity. She inspires, motivates and trains others business professionals to generate REAL financial returns from their marketing efforts so they can make more money doing what they love and have more time to enjoy it all.

Fay was only 26 years of age when she started her first business and went on to build several successful enterprises before being enticed into the corporate world. Despite no formal degrees, she worked her way up to Executive Management of a multi-million dollar business before deciding to return to her own business interests.

Fay is the founder and CEO of FayMcLean.com and takes pride in the fact that she conducts her business using the core values of trust, integrity, empowerment, results and open communication to bring results for business owners.

Fay has now spent over 10 years working in online marketing and business development, continually refining her skills in Internet marketing, direct response marketing, course creation and lead generation. She regularly shares her knowledge and experience online, at conferences and workshops globally.


A noted marketing strategy expert, she was named by WE Magazine as a “Top 100 Women In Ecommerce for 2012”. She is also a contributing author to The Law of Attraction in Action, Vol 3, has been featured in Nett Magazine and presented on virtual stage alongside Bob Proctor.

As a qualified Master Coach and Business Performance Consultant and Certified in Presentation Skills, she was engaged by the Australian Government as a Business Mentor for the Small Business Growth Centre.

Here unique talent is as a ‘Step-by-Step’ expert in lead generation. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly.

Business owners find her ‘action’ processes easy to implement with quick results.

In addition to empowering and equipping her online audience, Fay enjoys spending time with her husband Murray reading books, working out, at the beach, traveling, drinking good wine and eating icecream.

But her favorite thing is to spend time with her children Katie and Bryce, son-in-law Chris, daughter-in-law Leeza and her absolutely adorable grandchildren Molly, Harriet, Archie, Hudson and Ollie!