7 Pillars of Financial Freedom

7 Pillars of Financial Freedom



Is Financial Freedom A Possibility For You?

OK, so on the weekend I spent two days at the Leo Shreven All Power Seminar and I wanted to give up the goods. Yes, I gave up a hefty amount of time and money to be there but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the tidbits I learned from the final session focusing on financial freedom, at no cost…. is that cool?   If so, please click the “+1″ button at the very top of this blog, up  off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it?

Achieving financial freedom is within reach of each and every one of us.  There may be times when you have trouble believing this so I want to give you some insights

1. Achieve financial freedom with  clear, specific financial goals and a plan of action.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there.  Just as you need a map to  get to any other destination, you must create your own map to achieve your financial goals. How much money do you want to earn?  What is your plan of action to earn this amount? What resources do you need or each your goals?  What help do you need from others to achieve your goals.  Write up a detailed plan of action so every day you can take action steps that will see you getting closer and closer to your target.  If your money goal is a long way from where you are today, then aim for a 20% gain per year as a great starting point.

2. Always strive to do your best, be the best and work hard.  Opportunities will come your way when you stand out from the crowd.  Aim to go above and beyond. Aim to give great value. Don’t settle for mediocrity in how your serve your customers. It doesn’t matter if you think there are others who know more then you – simply be sure you are the best YOU can be.

3.  Work in or create a business in which you are serving people or giving. Give people what they want, need or can use!  Look for what people are complaining about or frustrates them and figure out a way to fill that need.  Years ago, a man called J.A. Burchill was aware that people were constantly complaining about single pieces of paper falling off desks and scattering all over the ground – thus the simple ‘notepad’ was born and has made him millions of dollars.

Listen to your customers, give them what they want and you will have financial freedom!

4. Become responsible for your personal life. Losers make excuses, winners make progress. Losers blame others; winners accept responsibility.  It’s that simple.

5. You must work! There is this myth in the internet marketing world that you can make millions of dollars working just 1-2 hours a day. Ask any millionaire and he will tell you he works 10-14 hours per day.  This is partly because that’s what it takes to manage and control the empire he has created, and partly because it’s his nature to be a driven, motivated individual.

Many people say they want to achieve ‘financial freedom’, yet are unwilling to actually do the work it takes to get there.  You may often see people who appear to have ‘overnight success’ Work an 8 hour day and you get survival. Anything over 8 hours and you invest into your financial future.

6. Learn to manage your time well. Wealthy people can achieve more in one day than what you could achieve in a whole week.  They understand how to make quick decisions, systems, how to prioritize, how to delegate and outsource.  No matter what level you are at in business, as you get better at managing your time, you will see a corresponding increase in how much money you make.

7.  Determination, persistence and be willing to take calculated risks. It’s easy to get disappointed when things don’t work out as well as you expected.  Rather than give up, look at it this way.  Now you know at least one way to get what you want that doesn’t work.  And that actually makes you one step closer to finding a way that does work.   When Thomas Edison was trying to create a light globe, he actually failed hundreds of times before he achieved what he set out to do.  Imagine how dark your world might still be if he had given up before?  People need you and what you have to offer.

“If you want to succeed, then double your failure rate.”

These are just a few ideas to get you headed in the direction of creating your own financial freedom.

It takes blood, sweat and tears – but it will pay off in the end. Big time.


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sabrina says August 17, 2012

I like Pillar number three.
Thanks alot for sharing.
I got given an office space for free and have that many qualifications and talents (not bragging here) that im overwhelmed and trying to figure out what to do. in this respect Pillar #3 stood out for me. thanks again.

Fay says August 17, 2012

Don’t ever feel you are bragging Sabrina – be proud of your achievements and use them to the maximum! Let me know if I can help in any way with sorting through the overwhelm. Good luck and I’d love to hear about your success steps as they happen.

Lianne-carla Savage says August 20, 2012

Great post. All very important things to keep in mind when working towards financial freedom especially point 5. I’m pleased to say that Wednesday afternoon I earnt what many people call a weeks wages.but it’s not the whole story. I spent hours and hours creating a quality digital product and developing the systems that make it deliverable over and over again as well as all the marketing channels that develop the brand and build relationships with potential customers.

Fay says August 20, 2012

I’m glad you picked out point 5 Lianne-carla. That is the point that I believe most people will want to ignore. Having a profitable online business is simple, but it’s not always easy. However, the rewards are FABULOUS as you are also experiencing.

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