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Fay is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and digital advertising specialist. She works with some of the fastest growing companies in a wide range of industries, getting premium results in some of the most competitive online niches. She focuses on driving consistent traffic to her clients’ websites and increasing their revenue. As a qualified Master Coach and Business Performance Consultant Fay is a contributing author and has business articles widely published over the internet and on media sites. In addition to running a successful Google Certified Digital Advertising Agency, Fay is an active investor who loves to spend time with her family, travel and keep herself fit. Fay is passionate about helping people reach and exceed their personal and professional goals. My Mission... is to empower ambitious business owners with the tools, strategies and support to achieve the business and lifestyle success they deserve. To witness truly amazing and inspiring transformations in business for my clients.


emma ridgwell

I have known Fay for almost 15 years and during that time Fay has always shown nurturing and caring qualities. It is these same qualities Fay has shown me during the time I have partnered with her to grow my business. I have also grown personally because of the leadership, support and training Fay has provided. I am now a smarter marketer and global distributor for my high end skin care company, something I never would have deemed possible . It has opened up so many other avenues for me not only in business but for my family too. I am able to spend much more time with my family and still provide us all with a lifestyle and freedom we enjoy.

Fay, you’ve have made me realize that the prospective client has absolutely no reason to come to me unless I tell them the reason why they should and that my services are better than anyone else and can show them how it will make their lives easier in every way. I got lazy over the last year, thanks for waking me up my sales are improving, cheers !

Fay is a real entrepreneur who loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring other like minded entrepreneurs. I love her leadership qualities and “just do it” approach. Anyone wishing to grow their business should have a conversation with Fay McLean. It is a pleasure to work with Fay who has such passion for whatever it is she is doing.